2 Bliss of Baking

Chocolate Banana Cup Cakes

Chocolate Banana Cup Cakes This Chocolate banana Cup Cakes recipe is a classic one. The bake will turn up good every single time. It’s simple, quick and eggless. And because

Healthy Ragi Cookies

Healthy Ragi Cookies  – These ragi cookies have no refined flour and no refined sugar, and for the fat in the recipe; I have used good quality coconut oil. These healthy

Nuts and Seeds Chocolate Clusters

Nuts and Seeds Chocolate Clusters Nuts and seeds chocolate clusters are power packed bite sized treats. Another easy and “quick to prepare” healthy food idea on women’s week. It does

Broccoli Soup with Toasted Walnuts

Broccoli Soup with Toasted Walnuts is my first heathy and delicious food idea this women’s week. This women’s day lets take a step towards health. Most women over look this

Pistachio Chocolate Teacakes

Pistachio Chocolate Teacakes Pistachio chocolate teacakes are soft and moist small cakes; perfect for small teatime serves. They look elegant and gorgeous with no fancy decors. Personally speaking; I always 

Multigrain Pizza

Multigrain Pizza Pizza for dinner sounds delicious – ; secretively adding healthy ingredients to the pizza makes a mother happy. This is what happened yesterday, I prepared multigrain pizzas for

Financier French cakes

Financier French cakes The financier is pronounced as fee-nahn-see-AY. These are small French cakes and often show up on petit four plates in formal French tea parties. They are baked

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