October 19, 2018
Kaju Katli Makeover Recipe

Kaju Katli Makeover Recipe

A makeover to our Kaju Katli this Diwali. There is no denying that our authentic recipes are like a treasure. The treasure that has to be passed over to the new generations, so it stays alive. Homemade Kaju Katli is one of those recipes, which I learnt from my mom, she probably had learnt from her mom, and Nani must have learnt from her mother. Whenever I make this traditional festive Kaju Katli at home, I  feel proud, to be able […]
July 11, 2017

Tips for making a perfect Pannacotta at home

Tips for making a perfect Pannacotta at home will make you confident enough to make pannacotta at home. Pannacotta is an Italian dessert. It was like smoothest silk, in the mouth and I closed my eyes to perceive that delicate dreamy -creamy goodness of when I tasted it for the first time. My eyes sparked as I dipped my spoon into the dome of creamy goodness again and swirled some sauce to scoop out a piece of fruit along. A […]
February 6, 2017

Financier French cakes

Financier French cakes The financier is pronounced as fee-nahn-see-AY. These are small French cakes and often show up on petit four plates in formal French tea parties. They are baked in tiny round, or rectangle or sometimes boat-shaped fluted molds. They are bite size light tea cakes with a very interesting contrasting texture; the crisp tops with perfectly soft and moist centre makes them very different from the regular tea time cakes. Financier French cakes The almond flour and the brown  […]
October 4, 2016

Appetizer spinach and cheese filo cigars

Appetizer spinach and cheese filo cigars Saturday the very first episode of MasterChef India season 5 was telecast. I was so happy to see myself on TV. as one of the top 30 contestants. The sweetest thing that happened in addition to watching myself on Master chef  was; Pranav came home for a day though he was travelling, took a special flight just to watch Master Chef with me and kids sitting in our living room. Sunday night he flew […]
January 4, 2016

Food Review – China bistro, Worli

Green apple and basil Martini The Terracotta warriors won the gastronomic battle at China bistro. My visit to China bistro (Worli) was an invite from FBAI ( food blogger association of India). The 12 of us experienced the culinary journey of ancient China sitting on long table in a special well-lit room. Mr. Nikhil,our host, gave us a little peek into the culinary history of the King Qin Shi Huang, (the first Emperor of China) and his Terracotta Warriors. Atmosphere […]
March 6, 2015

KitchenAid India Probaker Contest

Excited to be shortlisted as one of India’s Top 50 ProBaker. This Holi got me KitchenAid India happiness
February 5, 2015

Two bakes ; but no recipes to shares

Sometimes there are no success stories to share . There is only hard work . Tomorrow is another day .
January 10, 2015

Birthday cakes

Baked two yummy beautiful birthday cakes ; for a friend She has twins ; a boy and a girl . It feels so good to be a part of someone’s special day .
December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas

I wish you a Merry Christmas ! ! Had a blast today ! Baked cupcakes for yati’s  school Christmas party . With snow flakes and sugar strawberries . Feeling Christmassy . It’s fun to bake for a class of naughty, lovely, dear children in the spirit of Yuletide.