March 9, 2020

Recipes for Festivals

Festivals generate soulfulness in our existence. They give us obvious reasons to be in the company of the ones we love the most. We eagerly anticipate the joyous times, when we get time to chill, sit in that balcony, hang around on that staircase, play those card games with those cousins/friends. The group gets bigger and better ever festive season and those senseless, extreme, leg-puling jokes which have been circulating over the years and never seem to fade off their […]
September 3, 2019

Vegetarian Canapé Recipe

These Vegetarian Canapés are quick to prepare, turns out delicious, and looks superb when served. It is a perfect solution, for situations when the uninformed guest arrives. Especially during festivals. My experience says we require quick fixes in the kitchen, during the festive season. This is one of those recipes that will make a thing go easy, smooth and elegant for you. It surely has made my life easy. To make these delicious canapés you will require dips. One is […]
October 11, 2018
Biryani Bombs Appetiser Recipe

Biryani Bombs Appetiser Recipe

I frequently get queries, recipe request, for appetiser/party snack. If its a phone call from a friend,  I mostly start with the list of foods present in the fridge, and accordingly, I suggest a recipe. Making an interesting dish, using the leftovers in the fridge, gets more appreciative words from the other end of the phone. This biryani bomb recipe is one of those ideas which have been constantly winning the appreciative words. The surprise factor, in the centre of […]
December 28, 2017
Quick and Easy Party Appetisers

Quick and Easy Party Appetisers

These are the three quick to prepare party appetiser ideas. As the new year is approaching, I thought it would be great to share some interesting and different party food ideas with you here. Call them finger foods or snack for friends, these are great to serve on various occasions. It is very important to have the least amount of kitchen work on hand during celebration times. Who wants to cook and stand in the kitchen for hours. Keeping this […]