January 23, 2016

Bread appetizers- Stuffed Fougasse

I have been watching too much of Mr. Paul Hollywood, and this recipe (Bread appetizers Stuffed Fougasse) is all inspired by his style of baking. I am a big fan / may be developing a crush on him now. Hahahaha (Hope Pranav doesn’t takes it too seriously). His breads and his style to handle the dough gives me a boost; to knead and to bake. Fougasse is pronounced as (foo- gahss) and it is a wonderfully delicious flat bread mostly […]
December 22, 2015


  Panettone ( pan- eh-TOH- nay) is a beautiful and delicious Christmas bake. Panettone originated in Milan, Italy and is eaten especially during Christmas. Panettone is a bread; actually it’s a cake textured bread. Very delicate and soft bread with a sweet mellow aroma. I experience a special pleasure in the making of this light – buttery, sweet – citrusee bread. At the same time – I was so much worried about the rise of the dough and then the […]
March 3, 2015

One Dough; Three Breads, EASY PEZEE

This can very well be called A BREAD FEAST ! Fresh breads from your own oven which fill your house with a very delicious and inviting aroma. What is lovely about this blog post is that there is one dough recipe that can be used in a number of interesting ways; let your dough “rise”, flavor it, shape it, play with it, the way you want. I love this bread dough as its very easy-pezee and there is no great […]