January 8, 2019
Strawberry Oat Crumb Top Muffins

Strawberry Oat Crumb Top Muffins

Muffin is best when had with a hot black coffee. When it’s #metime. I prefer muffins with a ballooned top, crusty heads and soft moist inside. Quite honestly, this is the muffin, I am having after quite a long time. And what a satisfaction, absolute soul-fuel.  When it comes to strawberries, strawberry yoghurt is kind of most wanted dessert at home. Though, I am equally in favour of strawberry pavlova, cheesecake, pannacotta. But this time, muffins seemed like a perfect […]
November 3, 2016

Healthy Eggless Breakfast Muffin Recipe

Healthy Eggless Breakfast Muffin Recipe After a week full of heavy festive food and fun family time; we all somewhere try to make a small yet conscious effort to get back to our very regular life/diet. The small walk, or meditation and dal rice for dinner is simply great. I think these are the under rated pleasures of life. Being in pyjamas at home with a green tea and newspaper is the comfort zone. And I added in my Healthy Eggless […]