March 26, 2018
Red Rice Poha Recipe

Red Rice Poha Recipe

Red Poha, may sound new to you, but its been there for a very long time. Its a healthier version of white poha, with more iron and fibre. In a simple explanation – White poha, is made from white rice and red poha is made from red rice. Poha can be made with white rice, brown rice, red rice and even organic rice.   Also know as – Poha(Maharastra), powaa/pauaa ( Gujarati/Hindi), aval (Tamil), chira (bengal) avalakki etc. Poha or […]
May 29, 2017
Blueberry Breakfast Buns food styling

Blueberry Breakfast Buns

  The taste, and the texture with the right amount of sweetness these Blueberry breakfast buns are great to have on the breakfast table. Summer holidays going on. Quick to prepare plus amazing/delicious food is on demand in every house. Mostly we do look at recipes which kids would love. These are the breakfast buns my kids loved and honestly these caramelized sweet bun took me to my childhood lane. Food connects and good food makes forever lasting memories. As the […]