December 30, 2015


Brownies are my strong point and my weak point. Strong point because I never fail in making every batch the best batch. Weak point because I can’t resist over indulging in this sweet, dark, deep, chocolaty, fudgy, rich, sinful beauties. ( Too many adjectives ). Rum and Raisin Brownie is the recipe today : I am baking these for friends and we are gonna have a blast on new years eve. Happy to be with dear friends and good food […]
September 4, 2015

Magical Cream Cheese brownies

We all love BROWNIES, I have a weakness for these chocolaty gooey goodness squares and the cream cheese swirls make these more appealing. I am calling these brownies my magical cream cheese brownies because my daughter named these yummies -Magical while reading her story book. There is something special in this recipe, seems to be a spell; cast on every single person who takes a bite. Seriously……….. must try making for the ones you love.  Magical Cream Cheese brownies with […]