July 29, 2015

Caramel Candy

  Candy –  Caramel candy; which will just roll in your mouth, and will melt like a soothing pleasure. This homemade Caramel candy is soft and chewy with a wonderfully smooth and creamy texture. When I had a small nibble on my caramel candy, my first reaction was a smooth nod, with eyes closed — wow that is fantastic.   Caramel and You – There is always been a sweet relationship with caramel  which starts when we are kids  and then the Caramel […]
July 15, 2015


  Marshmallows are fluffy, chewy sugar candy,and we all love them – cute cushiony yummies! Marshmallows have a very soft spongy texture, with delicate sweet flavor. This home-made marshmallow recipe is a simple way to achieve those yummy fluffy cute looking candies, in your own kitchen. I found the home-made version more soft and fluffy than the packet ones. They are very delicious and, when you make your own marshmallows; you can cut them into various shapes beside squares using […]