September 29, 2015

How Homemade Pocky will make you thin

Homemade Pocky Pocky is a classic Japanese snack food – the crunchy sound this crispy snack makes when eaten is amazing. If you have not eaten this thin, crisp biscuit- you are missing on something. This homemade pocky is a very addictive snack, especially when you have a box full in front of you – it will be crazy difficult to refuse these irresistible yummies. Chocolate dipped crunchy bis-sticks Now let me tell you How Homemade Pocky will make you […]
August 31, 2015

Homemade Ice-cream cones

    This post is and will always live in the house of happy memories in my heart – it was fun, laugh, play and mess time.  These moments don’t come again and again. My kids were around and were enjoying making Homemade Ice cream cones and then dipping these in the melted chocolate and then the sprinkles were real fun. Scoops of ice-cream were overloaded. My hands got so sticky; that I was not able to take as many […]