June 27, 2017
Soft Pretzel Buns Easy Recipe

Soft Pretzel Buns Easy Recipe

  Soft Pretzel Buns EASY RECIPE is what we are making today. Easy recipe because we are making these gorgeous deep golden brown colour pretzels which have a soft interior and chewy texture – easy ways. So you can bake them in your kitchen. I know the pretzels look as if they are very complicated to make. But to tell you the truth, making pretzels is just like making bread at home. Yes! There are few tricks, but there is […]
July 9, 2016

Pound Cake – Egg less Recipe

Pound Cake – Egg less Recipe Pound cake is wonderfully rich, moist, tender and buttery. It has a lovely even color golden brown crust. I rank pound cake way high, higher than many more complicated elegant looking cakes. You will not need to fancy your cake before you serve it. It’s complete and its beautiful just the way it is. Last week my post on pound cake for beginners was appreciated – the recipe was simple and easy but I could […]
June 27, 2016

How to make bread – beginners recipe

How to make bread – beginners recipe Bread baking at home is immensely pleasurable! The joy of fresh warm bread from the oven is a must have experience if you love to cook or bake. It’s an easy task, even if you are a newbie in the kitchen area, all you require is desire. My bread baking love started at home. Initially it was more like a sweet gesture that I loved doing for my husband because he is a […]
April 19, 2016

Mango dessert recipe

Food excites the innermost instinct of our mind; because we connect and relate our memories to those flavors and aromas. I have so many food stories that get me nostalgic. My dessert sketch 🙂 Mango is one of those fruits which I think most of us connect to in some way or the other. My mango stories are full of fun, fights and even trades. Being in a big joint family; we, as kids, used to trade our mangoes or […]
April 16, 2015

Healthy Granola Bar Recipe

Granola bars are something handy, delicious and easy to make at home. Granola bars are low in calories and high in fiber and satisfaction. Healthy Granola Bar Recipe is  overall A good eat,A smart snack. Everyday life is crazy,we are all divided into so many responsibilities. These Healthy Granola bars are small, portable, mess free treat, and this healthy granola bar recipe can be a help in many a situation. Especially with the fussy eaters,KIDS. It is a task to […]