December 10, 2018
Energy Bites

Energy bites

Energy bites are delicious, satisfying snack. These are also considered as pre-workout/ post-workout bite and a light/ guilt-free dessert after food. When made at home, they’re absurdly customisable. You will be surprised how easy and quick are these to make at home. I am gonna quickly take you through the five amazing flavours and combinations for no-bake Energy Bites … Energy Balls.  Making energy bites at home can be so much fun. When preparing for this particular post, I started […]
August 7, 2018
Roasted Moong Dal Energy Balls

Roasted Moong Dal Energy Balls

Because I am a vegetarian, I always look for high protein vegetarian dishes. Mostly little different recipes than our regular Dal Tarkas. Honestly, I am cool about regular Dals also. It’s mainly the kids, who look for variety in food. I try to include as much as hidden proteins in their food. Making sure its yum and is healthy. Today’s roasted moong dal energy ball is one of those recipes, I would want my kids to have every single day. I […]