December 22, 2015


  Panettone ( pan- eh-TOH- nay) is a beautiful and delicious Christmas bake. Panettone originated in Milan, Italy and is eaten especially during Christmas. Panettone is a bread; actually it’s a cake textured bread. Very delicate and soft bread with a sweet mellow aroma. I experience a special pleasure in the making of this light – buttery, sweet – citrusee bread. At the same time – I was so much worried about the rise of the dough and then the […]
October 10, 2015

Puff Pastry – Cheese Twist

Puff Pastry – Cheese Twist is definitely a rocking appetizer.Hmmmmmmmmmm Cheese and jalapeno is layered between the flaky, crunchy, and buttery puff pastry. This beautifully baked golden finger-food is so aromatic, that I was enchanted with the fresh baked scent which spread all over my house. Just imagine the flavors that will hit your palette and the sound of the crunch you will experience on the first bite. Puff Pastry – Cheese Twist This is a very versatile recipe, make […]