September 6, 2018
Quinoa Beet Kebabs

Quinoa Beet Kebabs

Kebabs are rich, and delicious Nawabi treat. They can be prepared vegetarian and of course, there is a huge variety when it comes to non-vegetarian kebabs. But today, when everyone around us, is trying to switch to the healthy lifestyle, we have to have healthy kebabs too. Any party or a meet-up, you will find a few friends who are following some kind of healthy diet. At times it gets difficult to decide on the menu. These healthy kababs today are […]
October 26, 2015

Chocolate Cake – Gluten free flour

  This Chocolate cake is more delicious then it looks in these pictures. It’s  gooey and an elegant indulgence all made with a special flour Kadhali Raw Banana flour.  If you are not familiar with this kind of flour; Let me share the uniqueness of this healthy banana flour. Chocolate Cake – Gluten free flour I happened to meet a friend who introduced this Kadhali Raw Banana flour to me. Truly, I was really not sure  about the flavor and […]
August 19, 2015

Gluten Free Healthy Blondies

  What are blondies? And what is Gluten Free Healthy Blondies?  The answer – Blondie is a simple and tastiest and easiest — square shaped baked dessert. A Yummy bliss. Normally these gooey sinful treats are made of butter, sugar flour egg etc. which can not be a part of healthy list in the recipe diary. But This recipe is the ultimate health recipe which can be a part of gluten-free category as well. Let’s see how. The main base ingredient in […]
August 5, 2015

Gluten free Chocolate Cake

    A luscious and impressive looking  Gluten free Chocolate cake can be so damn  yummy – Umm – absolutely sinful ! It is a very easy Gluten free cake with a double dose of chocolate. A true treat without any sacrifice on flavor. There are many types of gluten-free flours available in the market to prepare the baked treats. But my aim was to share a recipe, which is 1. Easy to make. 2. Where you will not have to hunt for […]