June 11, 2019

Smoothies for Healthy Gut

Gut health should be taken into consideration. I don’t want to use that heavy vocabulary, that goes beyond our pronunciation sometimes, but you and me, we must take care of our guts. If we take care of our gut healthy, most of the health problems disappear.  Every emotion, feeling, that we go through starts from the gut. The mind and the gut are very closely associated. I have mentioned earlier, how few foods can help us improve our gut bacteria. […]
April 21, 2018
Red Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Red Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

I had posted teriyaki red quinoa earlier, this is another interesting red quinoa recipe. This Red quinoa breakfast bowl is interesting and quite a simple, delicious way to include protein in your diet, especially if you are a vegetarian. A power packed breakfast bowl will keep you full/satisfied for a very long time. and I vouch for that.     I have been experimenting a lot in my kitchen with organic seeds and grains from Truefarms, Which definitely is making […]