December 23, 2019

Christmas Energy Bites

Every year in the month of December, we fancy the zing of Christmas. Vivacious cravings for Christmasy flavours get into our world. The charm of festive spirit captivates our inner infatuation for good food, lights, those red and green tinctures around us. I am in so much Christmas seize, that I seriously desire a slice of Christmas cake right now. But, guess what, I still have not baked my Christmas cake. It’s a doleful feeling within me.    For now […]
December 17, 2018
Yogurt Mousse with Honey Caramelised Figs

Yogurt Mousse with Honey Caramelised Figs

Sometimes when we want to celebrate and yet don’t want to insanely indulge into heavy delicious foods. This dessert can be an answer to that conflicting mind situation. It’s yoghurt mousse with honey caramelised figs on the top. Another plus is – you can very easily prepare this at home, even if you are not a pro in the kitchen territory. You can’t have it …  Today, we are labelling many food items HEALTHY  in out ignorance. In my experience, […]
December 20, 2017
Five Easy Strawberry Desserts

Five Easy Strawberry dessert Recipes

Five healthy, super delicious and also quick to prepare strawberry desserts, that will hold the elegance and a fancy when served. I personally have loved all of these healthy desserts mentioned below and have been relishing on these for a week above now. Before we move on, I must share with you that last Sunday I participated in a marathon – my very first – Pinkathon. I am on a different high right now, a milestone is been completed and […]