November 9, 2016

Easy Brioche Recipe

Easy Brioche Recipe – How to make brioche at home without stand mixer. Aah Paris ! Candied Brioche . . Amazing . . Yummy memories. On the very name of candied brioche; we usually assume that it must be super sweet, but it was just perfect. I was in love with the brioche and the baker the very moment. ( my poor husband ) When I went for the audition of Masterchef India 2016, I prepared Mushroom Brioche with gazpacho […]
July 9, 2016

Pound Cake – Egg less Recipe

Pound Cake – Egg less Recipe Pound cake is wonderfully rich, moist, tender and buttery. It has a lovely even color golden brown crust. I rank pound cake way high, higher than many more complicated elegant looking cakes. You will not need to fancy your cake before you serve it. It’s complete and its beautiful just the way it is. Last week my post on pound cake for beginners was appreciated – the recipe was simple and easy but I could […]
August 27, 2015


  I like my cakes to look pretty, I want them to look stylish – they should look as good as they taste. These petit fours are a beautiful change to my everyday bake. Its French style food; Petit Fours means “Small Oven”. Actually a wide variety of sweet and savoury goodies can be made in small size. They will be called  Petit Fours. Petit-Fours-French-Patisserie Petit Fours are very fancy and delicately layered bite sized cakes. They make for a […]
July 25, 2015

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake— 24 karat gold Carrot Cake. Its is quite a playful, interesting  and of course delicious idea. Another way to celebrate a very classic cake with a twist. I enjoyed making Carrot Cake— 24 karat gold, and my family enjoyed eating it. The day was full of excitement and gold. If we talk about the cake; it’s super moist and full of flavor. The recipe is pretty easy to follow; with 100% success. The Carrot Cake will turn up fantastic. Making […]