February 18, 2016

Tips to a perfect Lemon Meringue pie – Recipe

As a mom, I end up baking cakes and cookies more often because of the obvious reason  – kids are so fixated to their regular choices. But the Lemon meringue pie changed choices a bit this time. We all happily enjoyed the slices in our plates after dinner and, to my utter surprise, my elder daughter, who has a long list of dislikes (lemons being one of them),actually liked the sweet and sour flavors of this lemony pie.  Lemon Meringue […]
November 25, 2015


Pavlova is heavenly; Looks beautiful, taste awesome! A  perfect dreamy treat. Its cloud like – Light and airy , has a pillowy center and crisp shattering shell with fresh fruit with a little hint of tang. The combination is just divine; the contrast between the flavor and texture is absolutely FAB. If you are not familiar with Pavlova – Pavlova is made with beating egg-whites with sugar till a very stiff consistency and then baked at low temperature. Something similar […]