July 9, 2016

Pound Cake – Egg less Recipe

Pound Cake – Egg less Recipe Pound cake is wonderfully rich, moist, tender and buttery. It has a lovely even color golden brown crust. I rank pound cake way high, higher than many more complicated elegant looking cakes. You will not need to fancy your cake before you serve it. It’s complete and its beautiful just the way it is. Last week my post on pound cake for beginners was appreciated – the recipe was simple and easy but I could […]
June 21, 2016

Pound cake recipe for beginners

Pound cake recipe for beginners – No need to go for a fancy recipe, because some times simple is best!  We do Google our recipes very often when it comes to baking. But I believe we must keep few basic recipes in mind. Mostly I keep the ratio of flour, fat, sugar and liquid in my mind for my basic cookies, and cakes. Then I get the liberty to play around with the quantity I need to bake. If you are […]