March 4, 2016

Quinoa Appetizers – Recipe

Quinoa Appetizers – Recipe Quinoa is pronounced as “kēn-ˌwä“. It is a very mild flavor grain, with a light crunch and a very impressive protein content; quinoa is a kind of the power food, very good for health. I have tried a couple of quinoa salads before, but was never successful feeding this wonderful grain to my kids. Kids can get very fussy trying something new.  Finally I came up with this amazing idea; and guess what? There was not […]
February 18, 2016

Easy sweet shortbread – pie crust recipe

Easy sweet shortbread – pie crust recipe Sweet shortbread pie crust is an easy and a very basic recipe which will help you rock your pie treat. A pie can be delightful only if the crust is well made. I just can’t tolerate the soggy bottoms. Crusts play such an important role when making pies and tarts. While we often think of them as only a shell to hold a filling, we also need to think about how their taste […]
September 29, 2015

How Homemade Pocky will make you thin

Homemade Pocky Pocky is a classic Japanese snack food – the crunchy sound this crispy snack makes when eaten is amazing. If you have not eaten this thin, crisp biscuit- you are missing on something. This homemade pocky is a very addictive snack, especially when you have a box full in front of you – it will be crazy difficult to refuse these irresistible yummies. Chocolate dipped crunchy bis-sticks Now let me tell you How Homemade Pocky will make you […]
April 24, 2015

Easy Mango Tart Recipe

March 27, 2015
Easy EggLess cake recipe

Easy EggLess Cake Recipe

This is absolutely delicious and easy to make cake recipe. AND “YES” IT IS EGGLESS. So go on and BAKE IT TODAY. This easy eggless cake recipe is pretty simple and yet it gives a moist, rich, soft texture to the cake. I was amazed to see that how beautifully the cake was done without eggs. I would recommend not to change anything in this easy eggless cake recipe when you bake. Just stick with the measurements given, and this […]