March 9, 2020

Recipes for Festivals

Festivals generate soulfulness in our existence. They give us obvious reasons to be in the company of the ones we love the most. We eagerly anticipate the joyous times, when we get time to chill, sit in that balcony, hang around on that staircase, play those card games with those cousins/friends. The group gets bigger and better ever festive season and those senseless, extreme, leg-puling jokes which have been circulating over the years and never seem to fade off their […]
September 16, 2018
Mom's Pista Kulfi Recipe

Mom’s Pista Kulfi Recipe

This Pista Kulfi; (Indian ice cream) is my mom’s recipe. She is too good when it comes to Indian recipes. Mom has all in her head, and never took any reference from recipe books to check on the measurements for any dish.  This year during May holidays, I was with her. And one day, we sat together to note down recipes. We kept talking traditional foods.  The conversation was packed with her tips and tricks in the kitchen. Now, I […]
April 9, 2018
Hyderabadi khichdi with Khatta

Hyderabadi khichdi with Khatta

Khichdi is a not just khichdi, its way beyond a humble dish. You might be aware of the long history of khichdi symbolising Indian culture and the versatility of our national dish khichdi. Or maybe you are the one who thinks that Khichdi is for babies and sick people. Actually, most of us have not experienced the true depth in terms of the flavours, textures that can be introduced to this simplest / wholesome /hearty food. khichdi has been misunderstood […]