July 26, 2018
Multigrain Health Flour Waffles with Chia Dip

Multigrain Health Flour Waffles with Chia Dip

It seems difficult when we decide to change our everyday flour with a healthier flour. For years maida (all-purpose flour) is been ruling the food territory. Now that, we are aware of the health hazards it brings along, most of us have started to move away from it. But I see a big gap between the healthy flours (newly acknowledged) our rigid tastebuds and recipes that can work. We are on our path to discover good recipes and I believe […]
January 9, 2018

All about Waffles

We all enjoy waffles, actually, the correct sentence would be, we enjoy waffles when they are done well. This is a post where we talk, all about waffles. Would you believe, if I say you can make fantastic waffles that have light, fluffy, tender interior beneath the crisp top? If you are tempted enough to make these yummy looking waffles at home, you got to read the post because … I am sharing eggless waffles, along with waffles made with […]