Bonne Maman with Le15 baking workshop

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May 4, 2017
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May 4, 2017

Bonne Maman with Le15 baking workshop

I identify Bonne Maman with their classic red and white gingham lidded jars. Every travel and stay in a hotel, I am always on the lookout for different varieties of Bonne Maman Iconic jars available during breakfast buffet. Though I am not a very jam person but over the years i have always appreciated the quality of Bonne Maman.

Bonne Maman is a French brand that makes the real French preserves. I believe their Preserves are more real, as whole fruit are used, which is the traditional way any grand mom would make in France.

Bonne Maman with Le15 baking workshop

France tourism recently brought together Bonne Maman and Le15 for a very interesting baking workshop. I along with some more bloggers became a part of the workshop. This was held at Studio15 (Pooja Dhingra) central kitchen.

Bonne Maman with Le15 baking workshop

Chef Pablo and Pooja taught all of us how to create Thumbprint jam cookies and Matcha Apricot Financiers using Bonne Maman. I will be sharing the recipes soon of these two amazing delights.

Bonne Maman with Le15 baking workshop

You can get Bonne Maman at Nature’s basket and Food hall now. The fruits preserves are my favourite. These preserves can be used to make many desserts and are great for breakfast.

I made these simple yet delicious tarts with Apricot preserve. The recipe is ridiculously easy; to follow

Bonne Maman with Le15 baking workshop


Rich Shortcrust Pastry

225g Plain Flour

Pinch of salt

125g butter, cut into small pieces

3-4 tablespoons cold milk

Jams or fruit preserve of your choice


Add the flour and the salt to the mixer, add butter and pulse until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Then add enough milk for the pastry to bind into a soft ball.


By hand — Rub the small pieces of butter into the flour and salt until the breadcrumb stage, then add milk. Wrap the pastry in cling and leave in the fridge to rest for around 30 minutes.

Heat your oven to 180 degrees and butter a tart tin.

Roll out the pastry between two sheets of parchment paper; to about half a centimetre thickness then cut in circles using a fluted cutter that is a size big than your tart tin.

Press the circles of soft pastry into the tin and spoon in a heaped teaspoon of jam. You don’t want to over fill the tarts as the jam will overflow.

With the remaining dough, form thin ropes and place criss-cross in a lattice across the jam, five one direction, five the other. Bake for about 10 to 15 minutes at 180 *C in a preheated oven.

When done let cool completely, allowing time for the jam to firm up. If you like, sprinkle lightly with powdered sugar, then serve in wedges at room temperature.

These tarts can be made ahead, stays fresh for several days. Makes a great gift too.

Bonne Maman with Le15 baking workshop

There are some more interesting jam recipes;


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