Chocolate fudge cookies

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October 17, 2015
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October 24, 2015
Chocolate fudge cookies

When you make these chocolate fudge cookies, everyone – home,  is sure to finish it, before you try to pack them for any gift. They are tempting, it’s a serious criminal chocolate smuggle you can ever think off. True chocoholic will fall in love with you, will kiss your hands and will never let you go. ( like Karan Johar film types). Hahahahaha

Chocolate fudge cookies

If you have a boyfriend (husband) who love chocolates, smuggle some to him. Be prepared for the side effects of extra love. Hhahahaha I am certainly in a naughty mood today. Having one right now with my coffee. Really yummm.

Chocolate fudge cookies

I had prepared  a cookie basket and thought of sending to a friend. Nitya and Yati just didn’t agree. Actually, tasting session started with me and soon there was not enough left to send across. Any ways can make another batch any time, they are quick to prepare.

Chocolate fudge cookies

You can wrap them individually, or keep these Chocolate fudge cookies in a nice jar or can prepare a cookie basket to gift someone this festive season. One more idea- You can prepare different types of cookies and make a stylish cookie basket. Will look amazing and will be loved.

Adorable cookies better 🙂 yummmm

Chocolate fudge cookies

Scoop out same size pieces on a baking tray

Chocolate fudge cookies

Naughty hands were not staying away; even when Chocolate fudge cookies were hot 🙂

Chocolate fudge cookies

Coffee or milk Chocolate fudge cookies accompany both so well

Chocolate fudge cookies

Chocolate fudge cookies are sure easy to make but as usual just reads these points before you bake :

1 . Precisely measure each ingredient and keep them prepared before you start.

2. Pre heat the oven at 325* F( 165*C ), but once your cookies are in the oven reduce the temperature to 300* F (150*c) This helps in achieving the gooey interior, which is seriously yummmm.

3. You can fold in the chocolate chips, or nuts, or broken chocolate pieces or even white chocolate chips. Go as per your choice. I added some chocolate chips + some broken pieces of chocolate.

4. Boss! chocolate is the dominating flavor so choose a good quality one.

5. Chill the prepared batter(for about 30 minutes), before scooping them on the baking sheet.

Chocolate fudge cookies


[recipe title=[recipe title=” Chocolate fudge cookies ” time=” 40minutes” difficulty=”easy”]


1.  400gm of semisweet chocolate chopped

2.  50 gm of semisweet chocolate cut into small cubes

3.  1/4th cup of unsalted butter

4.  300gm of granulated white sugar

5.  3 large eggs

6.  1/2 cup of all purpose flour

7.  1 tablespoon of baking powder

8.  1/4th teaspoon of salt

9.  1 tablespoon of vanilla extract

10.  1/2 cup of semisweet dark chocolate chips


In a bowl whisk together flour, baking powder, salt and set aside. Melt the chocolate (400gm) on a double boiler along with the butter. Once smooth set aside to cool completely at room temperature.

In another clean bowl beat the eggs (room temperature ) along with the sugar using a electric hand mixture. Beat until it’s pale yellow  and thick. Add in the vanilla extract and beat again. Now add the chocolate butter mix which is cool and beat well.

Fold in the dry ingredients to the chocolate egg mix using a rubber spatula. Stir in the chocolate chips + the chopped chocolate pieces. Cover the prepared mix and keep in the fridge till little firm.

Preheat the oven at 325* F (165*C ) and line a baking tray with the parchment paper. Use a ice-cream scoop or a spoon to drop the prepared batter  on the baking tray ( same quantity for same size cookies). With a slightly wet finger press down the batter a little. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes at 300*F (150* C). When baked the top of the cookies will have cracks and will be shiny. It is important not to over bake the cookies.

The cookies will set and will have a soft interior, which will be highly chocolaty  and gooey. Let these cool completely on the baking tray.

These Chocolate fudge cookies are best to enjoy with friends and are best partner for lonely late night laptop times.



Chocolate fudge cookies


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  1. Vidhi says:

    These look crazy yummm! And are quite easy to make as well.. Love the photography 🙂

  2. 2blissofbaking says:

    Hi Devangshi

    Thanks for connecting
    Sorry but This recipe requires Egg usage for the texture and look of the Cookies.

  3. 2blissofbaking says:

    Hi Sheena

    This is a chocolate brand called “2m Cocoa” Premium Dark Compound
    Happy Baking !

  4. Devangshi says:

    Hi any substitute for eggs. We don’t eat them

  5. Sheena hamid says:

    Hi. Which chocolate have YOU used?

  6. 2blissofbaking says:

    Hi Gunjan,
    Hi , Thanks for connecting.
    Sorry but This recipe requires Egg usage for the texture and look of the Cookies.

  7. 2blissofbaking says:

    Hi , Thanks for connecting. This recipe requires Egg usage for the texture and look of the Cookies.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Can u give the eggless

  9. Gunjan says:

    Hi Pooja!
    Any substitute for eggs in this recipe? 🙂

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