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 A Doughnut is best had when freshly made. Straight from the frier,with soft interior with a crispy crust, and a glazed top! oh my goodness yummlicious. I experienced that soft pillowy, sugary irresistible bite of a very very very fresh Doughnut. It was fluffy, puffy, chubby ring of a comforting food on a rainy day with my hot hot coffee, Heaven!


Now, making a doughnut at home is not a rocket science at all,its easy to make. Doughnuts are made from a lightly sweetened yeast-ed dough that is deep-fried. And trust me, home-made doughnuts are hard to beat. Fry your rings and glaze them with your choice, fill them with the flavor you like and sprinkle with what ever you want.


There are two types of doughnuts : Cake doughnuts, and Yeast raised doughnuts. This recipe is about yeast doughnuts, which I wanted to make and share for so long, and now here I am ! all happy to share. I ended up with 12 doughnuts. Half I filled with strawberry jam and the other half with caramel Dulce de leche. Topped my doughnuts with chocolate glaze and sprinkles. If you want to know how to make your own dulce de leche here is thelink Dulce de leche.



Few points to remember before you start to make doughnuts in your kitchen.

1. Using all-purpose flour  instead of bread flour will give more squishiness in every bite.

2.While rolling the kneaded dough; dust little flour on the kitchen surface and make sure that you are not mixing in additional flour into the dough. This can cause a heavy and dry doughnut.

3. Doughnut cutter works great while shaping these, but if you don’t have one use a cookie cutter or a glass to cut the big circle and something small, may be a bottle cap to cut a hole in the middle. However the bigger hole in the center will give more crisper doughnut and the smaller hole in the center will give a softer inside.

4.Using a good quality oil is the key to a non oily doughnut. Use a flavorless oil like canola oil or vegetable oil.

5.Heat the oil over medium high, the frying temperature must be around 190* C. It is very important to maintain the temperature while frying. If the oil is too hot the doughnuts will get too brown and crisp outside, while the inside will not be done. Conversely, if the oil is not hot enough, the doughnut will absorb too much oil and the texture will be soggy and greasy. To check just throw a small piece of the dough in the frier, if it sizzles and rises to the surface you are good to go.

6. A long handle slotted metal spoon is great for frying. This helps for gently easing the doughnut into the hot oil, for turning the side and while taking out, allows the excess oil  to drain back into the fryer.

7.Your icing or glaze for the doughnuts should be ready, before you start to fry. As they should be applied while the doughnuts are still little warm.





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  1. 2blissofbaking

    Dear Shallu,

    Thanks for reaching out. Sorry, sometimes a recipe demands that egg be used.
    All purpose flour is maida, yes.

  2. Shallu

    Awesome Pooja. Again, any alternate for eggs? All purpose flour used is maida?

  3. 2blissofbaking

    Thank you dear 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    they look so tempting….

  5. 2blissofbaking

    Great Priya
    It is a must try 🙂 enjoy while making and don’t forget to share, your experience.

  6. 2blissofbaking

    APF has less gluten ( bread protein ) then the bread flour. Using APF makes the baked goods more soft and fluffy.

  7. 2blissofbaking

    Thank you Kushi 🙂

  8. kushi

    These doughnut look so perfect and delicious. Wish I could grab some of those

  9. priya

    I love doughnuts and I will try it for sure

  10. Anonymous

    Awesome. ..pooja what is the exact diff between APF and bread flour. ..

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