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Egg less Lava Cake

Egg Less Lava Cake In the Microwave

Egg less Lava Cake

Super moist gooey goodness is very inviting, isn’t it ? I would have loved some vanilla ice-cream along.

The warm creamy chocolate flows from the center;  And when there is Chocolate Lava cake involved – I don’t believe in sharing. I know for sure even you won’t !

Lava Cake - Quick Dessert

Lava cakes are one of those recipes which are effortless and will not require much of your time – Also, it’s a kind of quick dessert that can be done last minute. Imagine you have people sitting on the sofa and there is nothing prepared to serve them. Lava cake quick  and hot serve will save you an elegant way in such a situation. Every one will be impressed and will enjoy ; they may even ask for more.

The chocolate

Egg less Lava Cake

I have made the classic Lava cake  Here is the link to the recipe

Making an egg less version in the microwave was an awesome idea. It just took one minute to make these cakes, Can you believe that ? But its true; TRY IT !

For the molten center part I kept a piece of (good quality) chocolate hidden in the center, which ozzeed out, yummmm  The cakes melts in the mouth but my favorite part is the oozing chocolate in the center. It’s the best part Oh! I miss the ice- cream. The moment you plan to bake the Lava Cake, make sure you have ice cream in the freezer.


Egg less Lava Cake
Egg less Lava Cake

Few points to read before you bake :

1.  Use a good quality chocolate; Chocolate with 60% or higher cocoa content would be the right choice.

2. Use cocoa powder or brown sugar to coat the ramekins, for the best results.

3. Use small size ramekins to bake; as single serves is best for lava cakes. The time of baking will differ according to the size of the ramekins. The smaller the size; less time it takes to bake.

4. While mixing in the flour, don’t air out the mix. Gently fold in; using a metal spoon is best as it cuts through the batter sharply and prevents over mixing.

5. This is the most crucial point- Its called timing. It is very important to keep an close eye when the cakes are in the oven. Over baked will result in disappearing of the lava from the center, and you will have a brownie in the ramekin. Under baked will not retain the structure.

6. Make these cakes the very time you want to serve. Won’t be fun when served cold. Hot cake will do wonders with cold ice- cream and some strawberries on the side.

7.  Lava cakes are done when the top is puffed up and the sides become firm but  the center is nice and wobble on touch.

Egg less Lava Cake




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