Healthy Eggless Breakfast Muffin Recipe

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October 25, 2016
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Healthy Eggless Breakfast Muffin Recipe

After a week full of heavy festive food and fun family time; we all somewhere try to make a small yet conscious effort to get back to our very regular life/diet. The small walk, or meditation and dal rice for dinner is simply great. I think these are the under rated pleasures of life. Being in pyjamas at home with a green tea and newspaper is the comfort zone. And I added in my Healthy Eggless Breakfast Muffins.

Healthy Eggless Breakfast Muffin Recipe

My day started little late today, as kids still have some holidays left. Around 11a.m. I baked these super healthy Apple cinnamon crumb muffins; using whole wheat flour, flax seeds almond meal, oats, yogurt and some cranberries. #Healthy

Healthy Eggless Breakfast Muffin Recipe

You are gonna  love me after you try this recipe; the muffins are super moist and super healthy with no guilt attached. They are pleasantly sweet and are not overloaded with sugar. Adding whole-wheat flour, almond meal and oats gives much nutrition and fiber. These can be a prefect breakfast replacement. It might seem like a lot of ingredients when you read the recipe, but you probably already have most of these in your kitchen.

The muffins are moist and melt in the mouth because I have added grated apples. And the crumb topping adds to the extra nuttiness and a textural twist to simple muffins.


For the first time, I have used my doodles in the making of an infographic. Hope this is helpful :).  So Doodle your way to Healthy Muffins

Healthy Eggless Breakfast Muffin Recipe

As usual some points to read before you start with the recipe

1.  Measuring the ingredients accurately and preheating of the oven is essential.

2. I have used parchment paper as a muffin liner, if you want to know how to make these—

Find a small can or a glass that fits inside the muffin tray well. This will act as a mold for your muffin liners. It’s fine if the can is slightly smaller.

Use a ruler to measure and cut 5 inches of parchment paper square for regular muffin cups, or 6 inches for extra-large muffin cups.

Position a cut square of parchment over the can or jar you’re using as a mould. Make sure it’s centered, then firmly press the parchment down around the sides of the mould with your hand, creasing the paper. When you lift the parchment away, you’ll have formed a cup.

3. I soaked the oats in the yogurt and have used flax seeds as an egg replacer in the recipe.

4. There must be a balance of wet and dry ingredients to get a high dome, the batter must be thick so that you can fill the muffin cavities and have it rise instead of flow over the edges as it bakes.

The muffin batter should be “spoonable” not “pourable, whenever you are making any kind of muffins.

Healthy Eggless Breakfast Muffin Recipe

5. Don’t over mix the batter. This is very important. Mix just until all the ingredients are fully combined. Some batter recipes are just meant to have a lumpy look. Resist the urge to mix! Leave it as is!

6. For the perfectly puffed up dome on your muffins, start with a hot oven. The higher baking temperature means that the outside edges of the muffin will set while the middle is still undone.The initial hot oven creates a burst of steam that helps lift the muffins. After 2 to 3 minutes of baking, reduce the heat. This ensures the rapid rise during the first few minutes of baking. This results in a high domed muffin.

Healthy Eggless Breakfast Muffin Recipe

7. Baking time differs if you make mini muffins (10-12 mins), standard muffins (15-20 mins) and jumbo muffins (25-35 mins). You’ll know it’s done when a toothpick comes out clean.

Healthy Eggless Breakfast Muffin Recipe



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    If I use only wheat flour won’t It turn out heavy?