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Recipes for Festivals

Festivals generate soulfulness in our existence. They give us obvious reasons to be in the company of the ones we love the most. We eagerly anticipate the joyous times, when we get time to chill, sit in that balcony, hang around on that staircase, play those card games with those cousins/friends. The group gets bigger and better ever festive season and those senseless, extreme, leg-puling jokes which have been circulating over the years and never seem to fade off their aura of laughter. 

I am seriously missing all my cousins today, when we meet, the buzz gets mammoth-sized. I belong to a Punjabi family and you can predict the noise and the cheer in the air. 

Anyways, families and friends are the anchors to our ship or we go randomly lopsided in our life. But what do you serve as food, when you have them at home during the festive season. And there is always a competition related to our cooking skills Honestly, I see nothing wrong in this mentality after all these are the same cousins we use to have a race with, to finish that milk glass, making those milk moustaches. 

Today, I am sharing a few of my recipes with you here to make easy decisions. You can click on the name or the picture of any recipe mentioned below, it will take you to the detailed recipe.

Thandai Ice-cream

Thandai Ice-cream is one of the quickest and easiest recipes for the Holi celebration. You will just need four ingredients and no ice-cream churner to make this fluffy soft delicious ice-cream at home.

Quinoa Beet Kebabs

Kebabs are rich, and delicious Nawabi treat. They can be prepared vegetarian and of course, there is a huge variety when it comes to non-vegetarian kebabs. But today, when everyone around us, is trying to switch to a healthy lifestyle, we have to have healthy kebabs too.

Any party or a meet-up, you will find a few friends who are following some kind of healthy diet. At times it gets difficult to decide on the menu.

Quinoa Beet Kebabs

Kaju Katli Makeover Recipe

There is no denying that our authentic recipes are like a treasure. The treasure that has to be passed over to the new generations, so it stays alive. Homemade Kaju Katli is one of those recipes, which I learned from my mom, she probably had learned from her mom, and Nani must have learned from her mother. Whenever I make this traditional festive Kaju Katli at home, I  feel proud, to be able to able to make, just the way mom use to make.

Kaju Katli Makeover Recipe

Biryani Bombs Appetiser Recipe

I know, how it feels, when standing with the fridge door open and juggling between ideas. Especially when you have friends/guests coming over. Try this recipe and I promise, you will have fun making it. And of course, if biryani is your favorite food, you will relish eating / indulging in. 

Its interesting, and I won’t say, easy… because there is a little process required to make these bombs perfect. And I won’t consider this recipe as a difficult recipe too, because you can make it, (nothing like rocket science). Just require a process to get it right. Let me take you through some points, without confusing you any further. 

Biryani Bombs Appetiser Recipe

Baked Onion Kachori

Some foods are meant to be enjoyed. Our innermost food craving comes alive on the very site/aroma of those foods. Onion Kachori (especially the one from Jodhpur ) is what I crave the most. I do call for it, as and when someone in the family or friends travel to Jodhpur. 

This Onion Kachori is baked and is not fried, hence fewer calories. There is no compromise on the taste part. In a kachori, the stuffing is the best part. This is a stuffing that will give you the same/ditto flavor of jodhpur wale Payaz ki kachori. 

Baked Onion Kachori


Matka kulfi Recipe

Matka Kulfi is a classy Holi Recipe. It is loved and enjoyed by all. Parents, grandparents or the kids, Matka Kulfi is something they all like to indulge in. It is rich, creamy, yum and has a vibrant festive feel to it. 

My Dad in law loves all the Desi Authentic Dishes. I keep experimenting with different foods, in my kitchen. And Dad always appreciates, when it’s a recipe that reminds him of his early days. Takes him back to some good memory. This Matka Kulfi is one of those recipes. And we get to hear all those stories of some, Birla Karera Centre Kulfi, Paji puri wala or some halwai or someone who sold kulfi on this cycle for years. I love to listen to all those stories and it tells me how food is connected to our emotions.

Matka kulfi Recipe

Vegetarian Canapé Recipe

These Vegetarian Canapés are quick to prepare, turn out delicious, and looks superb when served. It is a perfect solution, for situations when the uninformed guest arrives. Especially during festivals.
My experience says we require quick fixes in the kitchen, during the festive season. This is one of those recipes that will make a thing go easy, smooth and elegant for you. It surely has made my life easy.

Baked Cocktail Samosa

When I was a young girl, samosa meant potato pea stuffing with imli chutney and green chutney. I still have a biased preference for a crispy, hot, well made, deep-fried samosa. There is a comfort zone in the foods, that are associated with childhood. Samosa is one of that food, and it holds a highly reputed place in my heart. But as I move forward with life, the necessity of good health and being fit takes the lead and sadly deep-fried samosa are no more, in my food preference list. 

Pizza Buns

These Pizza buns are a doorway to happiness. When you succeed in baking these sensational pizza buns at home, the whole family goes whoopee gaga about you. My kids and Pranav thoroughly enjoyed these buns last night for dinner. I had happy souls, who watched t.v. and ate pizza buns and icecream for dinner. You too can make these in your home kitchen. I am sharing the recipe and few do’s and don’ts of baking these buns in a home oven. 

There is pizza sauce and cheese in the tummy of these buns. As you bite into a bun, your teeth go down onto a molten cheesy cushion of heavenly pleasures, next to rich tomatoey goodness. It is the glee of having pizza in a closed compact design. 

Punjabi Kheer Mousse

Punjabi Kheer orchestrated into a new melody of texture and caliber. I turned it into a modern dessert and made a Kheer mousse the other day. Though it is categorized into a fusion foods list. But it holds the grace of authenticity, in the core flavors. One can prominently point out the Punjabi kheer flavor, after the very first taste.

My favorite part of the dessert is that it not overly sweet and yet satisfies the sweet tooth cravings. Overly sweet desserts are a big turnoff for me, I remember meeting a French chef, and he mentioned one should not cover the actual flavor of the ingredients, used in the making of a dessert with sugar. If one is done that, it means, something went wrong in the making and he is coving it up with sugar.
So our kheer mousse today is just right in texture and taste, it is not overly sweet and I will explain to you, how you can achieve the same in your kitchen.

Lentil Broccoli Kababs with Tandoori Yogurt Mayo

These are Healthy protein-rich kababs made using split chickpea lentil (Channa Dal) and broccoli. And there is a tandoori yogurt mayo recipe along with the kabab recipe as you scroll down the page. 

Tandoori yogurt mayo is a yogurt-based dip with tandoori masala flavors. It is fantastic with these kababs. At home, we made Frankies with these kababs along with a fresh salad for dinner yesterday. It made a very satisfying dinner and my kids loved it so much. There is always happy soul in me as a mother when my kids enjoy/relish healthy dishes made at home. All moms can relate to this universal feeling, I guess. 

Lentil Broccoli Kababs with Tandoori Yogurt Mayo

Mom’s Pista Kulfi Recipe

This Pista Kulfi; (Indian ice cream) is my mom’s recipe. She is too good when it comes to Indian recipes. Mom has all in her head, and never took any reference from recipe books to check on the measurements for any dish. 

Mom's Pista Kulfi Recipe

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