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Saffron Cheese Cake

Saffron Cheese Cake – The Secret Gourmands Club

The Secret Gourmands Club had its first meet up and all the participants come on board curated interesting dishes. We had the meet up at Bombay connect (its an fab co working place, with a very intimate cozy setting). We all felt like home. The club meet up was in association with Godrej ( they sponsored our goodie bags).

Saffron Cheese Cake The Secret Gourmands Club

I will be sharing all the recipes curated by the participants one by one. This one is by Sheela Van Shipley. She prepared Saffron Cheese Cake using edible seeds for the base. I was very impressed with the clean looks and delicious flavors. Not to forget about the texture of the cake, it was creamy and smooth.


Saffron Cheese Cake The Secret Gourmands Club


Sheela Ji and I got connected via facebook. She is an amazing lady who have grand kids now. She never wants to give up on work. I wish to have same amount of energy and grace when I will be a grandmom. Such women are true inspirations for many of us. Sheela ji many thanks for being a part of the The Secret Gourmands Club.

She Says: Baking is an art and I discovered that (& the love for it ) early in life. My Passion drove me to the Catering College & now, with my son’s support & backing  I continue LIVING MY PASSION and that is to BAKE. They say that there is no love greater than the “ love for food ”

Saffron Cheese Cake The Secret Gourmands Club

Let’s Start with the recipe, because its worth trying at home.

For the 9″ lose bottom pan / spring form pan

Ingredients For the base

500 g dates

100 g sunflower seed

100 g poppy seeds

100 g pumpkin seeds

100 g flax seeds

100 g white sesame seeds

100 g almonds

100 g pistachios

For the Filling-

1 tin(450g) condensed milk

150 g paneer

100 g hung curd

1pack (8 g) agar agar

milk 2cups

few strands of saffron


Base-Dates,sunflower seeds, puppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed,white sesame seeds, almonds, pistachio .

Filling-Condensed milk, paneer, hung curd, agar agar,milk, saffron

Method-Roast sunflower seeds, puppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed,white sesame seeds, almonds, pistachio  separately n keep aside, chop roasted almonds n pistachio.

Deseed dates n mash it, add all the seeds n mix it.

Take a loose bottom tin(cover the tin from inside with cling film) spread the date mixture at the bottom n side very well n keep in the freeze to set.

Soak agar agar in  waters n boil( follow the instructions on the pack) n keep aside to dissolve, soak saffron in milk n keep aside,

In mixer take condensed milk n paneer n churn it, add little milk n agar agar to the paneer mixture n churn again to make a fine mixture, add hung curd, saffron n little milk n churn again to get thick n smooth mixture . Pour this mixture on the dates base, n keep in the fridge for 4-5 hours (for best result keep overnight)

Garnish with pistachios  flakes n ?

Serve chill

Tips-use hung curd only.

Roast n cool all the seeds before using

Don’t use curd n milk at the same time.

Soak saffron before.

U can use sugar if u feel less sweet but before using grind to fine




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