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September 15, 2015
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Say Cheese

Cute looking, bite size cheese biscuits.

A quick and very yummy snack; that can be put together in flat 30 minutes. Awesome!    Say Cheese – means

1. Biscuits have lots of cheese; which will make you happy

2. Biscuits are quick to make; which will make you double happy

3. Biscuits are super delicious; which will make you super happy. -The first cheesy pop in the mouth will make you Say Cheese.


Say Cheese

My Kids have exams going on, which is keeping me away from my blogs. So I am on a hyper mode (Like many mummies). Heheheheh. I really really really wanted to post; but was not able (exams are very important too).  I love my bachas 🙂 muaaaaaa They are my angels. Love you my nits 🙂 Love you my Yatu 🙂 Ok, ok now back to cheese biscuits: Say Cheese.

I am sitting alone and its quarter to twelve, Pranav and kids are sleeping, but I am on my Go Pooja , Go, write your blog mode. Check out the picture- What do you think?

Say Cheese

Couldn’t stop myself eating right from the tray; all HOT HOT HOT

Say Cheese


These biscuits are light, flaky and buttery with yumm cheesiness; Very additive, you will keep munching on without realizing. I served these with my curry wurst sauce. Remember the blog post of vegetarian recipe Quick snack – curry wurst. I am sharing the recipe of the sauce in this post as well, because I have made few changes to make it taste more yum.

Say Cheese

You can make the sauce or give it a skip; all up to you.These Say cheese – cheese biscuits are delicious any ways. One more thing- I have used fresh basil and black olives and Cheddar cheese. You can substitute Cheddar cheese with Parmesan or feta, which ever is easy available. For basil and black olives again you can go for chives or scallions. Or you can try any combination of flavors you like. Go ahead and please share –  let me know how it worked.

Knead the dough gently 🙂 as if you are; holding your new born

Say Cheese

Say Cheese

I carefully placed some pieces of olives and cheese over the top, before baking

Say Cheese

Say Cheese



Few points to remember – as usual : Say Cheese

1 . Be ready to mess your hand, because this recipe does not require any equipment. A mixing bowl and hand, that’s it.

2 . Why I tell you to use hands, reason being hands will handle the dough delicately. And you will get puffy delicate layers, which is the ultimate flavor and texture you want while baking biscuits.

3. The butter you use, make sure its cold. This will give the biscuits plenty of rise and rich flavor.

4 . If you place the biscuits closer to each other on the baking tray, you will get soft sided biscuits. If you are looking for crisp crust on the top as well as on the sides, space them almost 1  1/2 inch part.

5. The dough can be frozen and kept in an airtight box for several weeks. Just prepare the dough then cut the size and shape you want, place on a tray and freeze them for sometime. When its hard enough, (to not loose the shape), you can take out and dump them in an airtight container, which makes the next bake easy.

Say Cheese

Say Cheese

If you like to try more flavors of sauces here is link to Homemade subway sauces

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  2. 2blissofbaking says:

    Hi Sohsh

    Storing in the refrigerator may make them soggy. I suggest to bake a small batch and try !


  3. Sohsh says:

    Is it possibl to store these biscuits aftr baking fr a week or so in refrigerator or room temp ?? Is so how to do that

  4. 2blissofbaking says:

    HI Payal, Thanks for writing in. I have also used a combination of milk and vinegar. Enjoy the bake !

  5. kushi says:

    That looks so yum

  6. Binod Mairta says:

    Mouth watering! Alas! I could cook!

  7. payal says:

    Hey is the buttermilk indian chaas or the store bought ready buttermilk? Can i use combination of milk n vinegar?

  8. Deepa says:

    Love ur blog pooja, im surely trying dis recipe