Tender Coconut Ice Cream

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September 24, 2018
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Tender Coconut Ice Cream

Making ice cream at home is full of excitement. I think I have used some similar phrase in my previous ice cream blog too. Truly it is, making a ice cream at home is a joyous experience. I have kids, and I can’t express in words, the joy, the happiness around them when we make ice cream at home. 


Please, don’t think they are kind of ice cream deprived kids… neither are they ice cream crazy kids. They like it, pretty much like children, whenever offered they happily indulge. When unwell, they refuse to eat. I ban ice cream when exams are approaching. … So pretty much regular stuff. 

But when we make ice cream at home, it totally different. It’s a fun time, the spatula, and the whisk are licked… (Confessions- I also have a active participation in that job)… 

The ice cream is checked almost every hour, if it’s frozen or not. My kids even have to wait further, because, I need to take the pictures for the blog. This time we froze the ice cream in two containers. One was to be photographed and other was for immediate eating. 

That is the ice cream story at home. Now let’s get to our flavour and the method of making this incredibly yum Tender coconut ice cream at home. 

Tender Coconut Ice Cream

This ice cream is easy to make and will not require any churning machine. It’s super quick to prepare too. The only time required is the time to freeze it, almost 8-9 hours, preferably overnight. 

You will require coconut meat (malai) of almost 4 green coconuts for this recipe. So when you buy coconuts, ask for malai coconut. 

In the ingredients below, there is heavy whipping cream on the list. I have used this brand called Tropolite, which is a non-dairy cream. It is available at Aarif if you are in Mumbai. If you are not … you will have to look for a heavy cream. Some heavy creams do need sugar for whipping. So you add sugar accordingly.

Amul will not work, and  If you have some local dairy near you, look there. You should be looking for something that can be whipped up, till stiff peaks.

Tender Coconut Ice Cream


You will need an electric hand-held beater with the whisk attachment to whip up the cream fully Bajaj HM 01 250-Watt Hand Mixer (Black). Or have a strong belief in your muscle power. 


Tender Coconut Ice Cream

As you are aware of my work with Ossoro flavours. I have been preparing many recipes using their amazing flavour range.  Ossoro has this creamy coconut flavour, which added a lot of depth to my ice cream. With just a few drops, the coconut flavour became more prominent in the ice cream. I am a big fan of coconut anyways. So simply loved this one.  Ossoro Creamy Coconut, 30 ml

You can check out their range of flavours in their site and Ossoro is also available online on Amazon too.

Tender Coconut Ice Cream



1 cup heavy whipping cream  

3/4th cup of coconut water 

Coconut meat (malai) of 4 green coconuts 

1/2 cup condensed milk
Nestle MILKMAID Sweetened Condensed Milk, 400g Tin

3/4th cup of sugar 

1/2 cup of coconut milk 

Few drops of Ossoro creamy coconut flavour 

Ossoro Creamy Coconut, 30 ml


In a mixing bowl, add the whipping cream and whip it using a hand mixer or a whisk until stiff peaks.

Chop meat from 1 tender coconut into small pieces and keep aside.

In a mixer- grinder Philips HL 7720 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars (Multicolour) add about ½ cup of tender coconut water and meat from 3 tender coconuts and blend to a smooth paste. 

To the whipped cream, add powdered sugar (sifted), and mix well. Then incorporate condensed milk, puree of tender coconut water & meat along with a 3/4th  cup of coconut milk and mix well. Add few drops of Ossoro Creamy Coconut flavour and mix well.

Add chopped tender coconut meat, & transfer the ice cream into a container with a lid and freeze the ice cream for a minimum of 9-8 hours. Stir the ice cream after the first two hours of freezing so that the tender coconut meat chunks are well distributed around the ice cream. Enjoy!

Tender Coconut Ice Cream





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