Valentines Day – Wine Infused Chocolate for Two

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Valentines Day - Wine Infused Chocolate for Two

Valentines Day – Wine Infused Chocolate for Two

Chocolate and diamonds are the best way to show love; Who all agree? Please leave a comment below. I know; we can’t be gifting diamonds every Valentine, anniversary, birthdays etc. etc. So let’s stick to some velvety smooth chocolate bars this Valentine. If you are with me on this thought, read below – How you can make your Valentine Special without murdering your wallets?

Valentines Day - Wine Infused Chocolate for Two

Valentines Day – Wine Infused Chocolate for Two are pretty looking chocolate bars with a soft center surprise. One bite makes you close your eyes and enjoy. One line that is coming to my mind again and again – Kiss me, close your eyes; I can read your lips on my finger tips; Happiness in your eyes…… You remember that Cadbury ad?

Valentines Day - Wine Infused Chocolate for Two

I have made two types of fillings for chocolate bars, 1. Dulce de Leche  & 2. Wine infused ganache.

Valentines Day - Wine Infused Chocolate for Two

If you plan to make the gold caramel (Dulce de Lache) here is the link Dulce de Leche . However you will have to add a bit of milk to the prepared Dulce de leche for the desired consistency that can easily spread.

For the Wine infused ganache filling; I have added sweet wine; with my cream and chocolate. (what a fab delight).  However if you want to avoid the liquor part; you can skip that easily.

Valentines Day - Wine Infused Chocolate for Two

Few points I would want to share before I start with the recipe:

1. You will need the molds. If you are not able to find the same as mine, don’t bother so much and go with what you find and start with chocolate making. The shape is not going to effect the yummyness.

Valentines Day - Wine Infused Chocolate for Two

2. Chocolate – We are making the chocolate, so we need good quality of chocolate. I have used Callebaut. It is very important to temper the chocolate. A well-tempered chocolate has smooth texture, glossy shine, and a snap when bitten into.

Tempering refers to a process of heating and cooling chocolate to ensure that the cocoa butter in the chocolate hardens in a uniform crystal structure. When you buy pure chocolate, it is tempered. When you melt the chocolate to reuse it, you take it out of temper so the chocolate needs to be tempered again.

There are many ways to temper the chocolate; one of the most easiest and quickest way to temper the chocolate at home is-

1. Chop the chocolate into really fine pieces. 2. Heat 3/4th of the chopped chocolate in the microwave on low power for 15 second, then  stir using a rubber spatula and allow the chocolate to rest for a minute, then heat and stir again. 3. When all the chocolate is melted add the remaining 1/4 of the finely chopped chocolate and stir until melted 4. If needed you can return the chocolate to the microwave and heat at low power for 5 seconds.

This method of tempering will not give you high gloss chocolate, but will produce a finished chocolate with a nice snap.

If you are using a compound chocolate, then you don’t need to temper it. But the quality of taste and texture is a bit inferior then the real chocolate.

3.  When you pour the melted chocolate into the chocolate bar mold, be sure to tap out all the air bubbles and scrape off the excess chocolate  using an off set spatula.

4. The filling is the yummy part of the chocolate, but it is very important not to overfill. You must leave a room to cap it off with more tempered chocolate. Or you will end up with a big mess.

5. For the Ganache – The ratio of chocolate to liquid is 1:1. The Liquid can be only cream or the mix of cream and wine. This will ensure the right spreadable consistency of the ganache filling. Caution- Don’t go overboard with the wine.

Valentines Day - Wine Infused Chocolate for Two

6. It is important to make the filling before you start with the making of chocolate. The filling has to be room temperature, if you use the hot filling, it will start to melt your chocolate in the mold. If the filling is kept in the fridge and its cold, the finished chocolate bars can get cracks.

Valentines Day - Wine Infused Chocolate for Two

Valentines Day - Wine Infused Chocolate for Two

7. Be patient and make sure your chocolate is set properly before you try to take it out of the molds. Infact leave it in the molds for bit extra time. As the chocolate cools, it srinks and comes out easy from the mold.

Valentines Day - Wine Infused Chocolate for Two

8. Very important, while working with chocolate – keep your hands and work area clean. Go ahead and wash your hand clean, every time required.

9. It is good idea  to melt some extra chocolate then required amount. This ensures smooth working. The left over chocolate can be stored and used again in some other recipe.

10. Last point – Actually the first one ( hehehe) Make sure that the mold is super clean before you start. There should not be any water spot or dirt on the chocolate mold. Use a clean fabric to ensure the perfect beginning.

Valentines Day - Wine Infused Chocolate for Two


Valentines Day - Wine Infused Chocolate for Two

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    Yummy. Have pinned it.
    Where can I buy ‘callebaut’ chocolate from?. Can you send the website link or a contact?. Thanks

  2. NancyC says:

    Sounds like the perfect sweet for Valentine’s Day! 🙂

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