Apple themed dinner with US Apple Export Council

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Apple themed dinner with US Apple Export Council

Apple themed dinner with US Apple Export Council. Dinner at Theory in Kamala Mills, Mumbai was an invite from Saloni and Sameer (food blogger Association of India). The very sound of Apple Themed sit down dinner sounded interesting to me. As a baker, I am always curious to learn and try more recipes. The apples as a main ingredient in the 4-course meal were making me inquisitive. My hashtag that moment was #excited.

US Apple Export Council (USAEC) played an active part in organising the evening.

Apple themed dinner with US Apple Export Council

Their representative, chef Clyde from Theory and Sameer Malkani introduced us (bloggers) to the flow of the evening. Showcasing the versatility of Apple along with the nutritional benefits was an interesting topic.


Chef Clyde demonstrated a fresh, speedy Apple Lettuce salad with crunch Nuts and Apple Reduction.

Using apples as an ingredient in the kitchen and not just a fruit was the idea for the evening. The menu was very interesting, it had taken the apples to another level.

Before we sat down for dinner, Theory served us some of their signature starters from the menu – Mushroom and Edamame Vol au Vent with a slight twist, this time they were square in shape and the stuffing was exposed.

On the dinner table, we started off with the drinks. The Red Wine Sangria, Apple and Cinnamon Sparkler, Apple Vanilla Sky cocktail, which had subtle hints of vanilla muddled with juicy US apples. It was refreshing. I could taste the freshness of apples.

Apple themed dinner with US Apple Export Council


The first serve was Carrot and Apple Soup, with Black bread stick Lavash. The vibrant looking hearty soup was on a sweeter side, but  It was soothing for my palate. A little hint of curry powder balanced out the flavours beautifully. The texture was creamy and rich and quite enjoyed the soup. It was definitely a step ahead in the world of simmering hot bowls of soup.

Apple themed dinner with US Apple Export Council

Poached Apple & Goat Cheese Salad was an outstanding combination of texture and flavours. The refreshingly light salad was just the right thing to have after the Carrot and Apple Soup.

An amalgamation of flavours come through perfectly with the tangy poached apples, cheese lifted the whole dish to a new level.

Crunchy and slightly bitter endive leaves were an absolute must to the sweet, sour and creamy notes on the salad plate! A drizzle of apple reduction made the overall dish more appealing to the eye and to the palate.

Apple themed dinner with US Apple Export Council

Apple Gnocchi which is pan seared in Sage Butter was the next serve to the vegetarian menu. The Textures just tantalised us along with the flavours, the sweetness of the apples, the creaminess of the Burrata, the tartness of the Butternut Squash and the overwhelming aroma of the Cinnamon and Sage butter. Every bite was a gateway to heaven.

Apple themed dinner with US Apple Export Council

The non-vegetarian course was Chicken Roulade with Apple Jus. The chicken was soft and juicy. Stuffed with Mushrooms Forestiere and gruyere on Peronata, the dish was served with Brandy apple jus. Though I didn’t try this one, my blogger friends were quite impressed with the tenderness of the chicken and the flavouring of the stuffing.

Though We had an option to choose from any one Dessert I had the luxury of trying both.  Baklava and the apple cheese cake. Baklava was the one, I loved the most. It was apple cinnamon Stuffed Baklava which is slightly sauteed in wine for flavour and packed in a Phyllo pastry and baked with Butter and Finished with a bit of Sugar Syrup.

Apple themed dinner with US Apple Export Council

The flavours of the Caramelized Apples in apple cheese cake were combined well with the creamy Cream Cheese. Honestly, I was not impressed with this one. I was looking for more apple in my dessert.  It was served with a great Burnt Butter Ice-cream. But Overall we all had a wonderful time at theory for the US Apples Sit Down Menu.  The concept of creating a four-course meal with US Apples was definitely appreciated among the food bloggers.



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