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Eggless White Chocolate Mousse

This is the easiest way to make Eggless White Chocolate Mousse at home. It’s light, creamy and delicious. And here we have a fuss-free and egg-free version of white chocolate mousse.

The flavour of white chocolate took me to my childhood memories, of that white chocolate Nestle bar, our school canteen fellow use to sell. I remember those Saturdays when I would wait at the end of the line among elder kids, who would push and pull to reach to that counter. And finally, that joy of holding white chocolate bar all to myself in my hand after the struggle of at least 5 to 7 minutes.

Eggless White Chocolate Mousse

Then for a very long time, the craze for white chocolate had disappeared, then came a phase when the white chocolate would appeal my palate in between the layers of cakes and in those sweet sugary sand which cookies.

Eggless White Chocolate Mousse

This time for my anniversary I had decided to make Cherry cake with white chocolate mousse layers. It turned out awesome, Pranav and kids loved it. I will be sharing the cake recipe soon, Meanwhile here is the easiest and quickest recipe of white chocolate mousse which is very interesting + useful in many many desserts. You can also serve the mousse as itself, and it makes quite a fancy impression.

anniversary cake food styling

I prefer serving the mousse in small quantity along with some fruit to balance out the sweetness.

We are not using eggs in this recipes and I found this vegetarian gelatine that works wonderfully in this recipe. There are not so many instructions for the making of this recipe. But I would like you to go through few points before we start with the recipe.

Butterfly Veg Gelatine(Carrageenan)

1 . First, you want to make sure the melted chocolate is at the right temperature when you fold it into the aerated cream. Too warm and it will cook or deflate the base; too cool and it will seize and separate into chunks. It should feel just warm when you dab it on your lip.

2. When mixing fold, do not stir, the chocolate mixture into the aerated base. The idea is to mix without deflating.

3. Most importantly like any other mousse made with whipped cream, it must be kept refrigerated.

4. When using gelatine – First bloom the gelatin by sprinkling it over the cold water. Let stand for 5 minutes. Once it has been bloomed, melt it gently in the microwave or in a small pot on the stove on a low flame. DO NOT BOIL.

Morde Dark Chocolate Slab, 400g



Eggless White Chocolate Mousse



1 and 1/4th cup 220 gm White chocolate chopped

Milk ⅓ cup (80ml)

2 teaspoons Unflavored gelatine

¼ cup (60ml) Water

2 Tablespoons (15g) Confectioners Sugar

2 cups (475ml) whipped Cream


First, bloom the gelatin by sprinkling it over the cold water. Let stand for 5 minutes. Once it has been bloomed, melt it gently in the microwave or in a small pot on the double boiler. DO NOT BOIL

Heat the milk to about 120°F (make sure, it to be just hot so it doesn’t seize the chocolate when we combine the two.)

Melt the white chocolate in a large mixing bowl and add the hot milk, whisk to a smooth paste. Add the melted gelatin mixture and whisk smooth.

Whip the heavy cream with the confectioner’s sugar to medium firm peaks.

Take about ⅓ of the whipped cream to lighten the chocolate mixture, then fold in gently the remaining cream.

Eggless White Chocolate Mousse

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