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Banana oats muffins Eggless Recipe

Banana oats muffins is a classy healthy recipe, which many of you will be well aware  of. It’s delicious and is a perfect fit for your breakfast table. This post will show you how to make these muffins Eggless and most importantly how to make your muffins look great; I mean

How to get that dome on the top of each muffin.

Banana oats muffins Eggless Recipe

If you know me, you know that I love to paint and sketch, small drawing of muffin in the picture is done only for the love of painting.

Banana oats muffins Eggless Recipe

The flat tops are good when we are dealing with cup cakes but muffins are more exciting when we see uniform, gorgeously browned dome topped muffins. In the points written below I have mentioned some tips which will help you improve your home-baked muffins.

Muffin making – The inner most secrets are revealed – like The names with of celebrities with Swiss bank accounts LOL.

Banana oats muffins Eggless Recipe

There is no doubt that the muffins are soft and delicious  as bananas keep the muffins moist. Buttermilk gives a great fluffy texture to these. I have used choco chips, it is optional or you could even use chopped chocolate, raisins or nuts. These are classic flavors, you will never go wrong with them.

Banana oats muffins Eggless Recipe

Lets start with important stuff now, read the points below:

1.  Always use the ripest bananas that you can find. Ripe bananas have much more flavor. The ones I used were nearly black and ugly. That is why there are no banana pictures in the post hehehe.

2. There must be a balance of wet and dry ingredients to get a high dome, the batter must be thick so that you can fill the muffin cavities and have it rise instead of flow over the edges as it bakes. Using oats helped me in the thickness, and also provided bite (or call it a chewy bite) in the texture of baked muffin.
Remember the muffin batter should be “spoonable” not “pourable, whenever you are making any kind of muffins.

Banana oats muffins Eggless Recipe

3.  This is  quite obvious, fill your muffin pans/cups until it is nearly full. Forget what you have read in muffin recipes that say fill up your tins 2/3s full. It will not rise as high if there’s not enough batter on the muffin pan. I made 7 muffins instead of 9, big deal.

Banana oats muffins Eggless Recipe

4. For the perfectly puffed up dome on your muffins, start with hot oven. The higher baking temperature means that the outside edges of the muffin will set while the middle is still undone.The initial hot oven creates a burst of steam that helps lift the muffins. After 2 to 3 minutes of baking, reduce the heat. This ensures the rapid rise during the first few minutes of baking. This results in a high domed muffin.
Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F/220 degrees C, even though the recipe may say to use 350 or 375 degrees F, later on reduce the heat as per the instructions given in the recipe and let the muffins bake.

Banana oats muffins Eggless Recipe

5.  Using only wholewheat flour (instead of combining both white and wholemeal flour) can prevent a muffin from rising well. This is because the wholemeal flour weighs the baked product down slightly, and prevents the lift.

6. Baking soda and baking powder work slightly differently, and produce slightly different results. Baking powder makes baked goods puff whereas baking soda makes them spread. Without baking soda, it’s hard to achieve dome. We just have to ensure that the recipe has an acid to balance the baking soda, I used butter milk, instead of plain milk.

7. Don’t over mix the batter. This is very important. Mix just until all the ingredients are fully combined. Some batter recipes are just meant to have a lumpy look. Resist the urge to mix! Leave it as is!

Baking time differs if you make mini muffins (10-12 mins), standard muffins (15-20 mins) and jumbo muffins (25-35 mins). You’ll know it’s done when a toothpick comes out clean.

Banana oats muffins Eggless Recipe



For Banana oats muffins Eggless Recipe

1.  1 cup of all-purpose flour

2. 1/4th cup oats

3. 3/4th cup of sugar

4. 1 ripe banana (large)

5. 1/3rd cup of olive oil

6. 1/2 cup milk + 1 teaspoon vinegar (buttermilk)

7.  1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

8. 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract

9. 1/4 th cup of choco chips

10. A pinch of salt


Instant butter milk Combine milk and vinegar in a bowl. Let the mixture stand at room temperature for 5 to 10 minutes. Use this substitute (including curdled bits) as you would buttermilk in your recipe.

Preheat the oven to 400* F and line the muffin cups in a tin or use self stand paper muffin cups.
Dry ingredients – Whisk together oats, flour, salt, baking soda and sugar in a large bowl  and set aside.
Wet ingredients – In another bowl, whisk mashed banana, buttermilk, oil and vanilla.
Next mix the dry and wet ingredients gently along with choco chips using a rubber spatula. Do not overmix the batter, it makes the muffins tough.
Fill the muffin cups and sprinkle some chocolate chips and oats over the top. Bake for 18 to 20 mins. Check after 15 minutes, skewer inserted in the center should come out clean, and the muffins should get a nice gold color on the domes. When done transfer to a wire rack and cool.

Banana oats muffins Eggless RecipeBanana oats muffins Eggless Recipe

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