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Crispy Pizza Wonton Cups

How is “The Jungle Book”? The Review says “good movie”. –  Mowgly, Shere Khan, Baloo, Bagheera, dying to see the movie. Actually the movie has  nothing to do with the recipe that I am sharing today, the only common ground; is kid’s favorite stuff. The recipe is called Crispy Pizza Wonton Cups or call them little crispy pizza appetizers or snack for kids or may be movie snack idea.

Crispy Pizza Wonton Cups

The recipe is pretty easy to make, does not require any specifications and you will be able to pull out this crispy, cheesy, saucy delight within half an hour – Ready on the table.

Crispy Pizza Wonton Cups

The simplicity, tastiness, and cuteness makes my pizza wonton cups special. Wonton wrappers are typically used for frying, but they also bake up beautifully. They get crispy and golden and hold onto filling beautifully and you skip that fried-food guilt later on.

Crispy Pizza Wonton Cups

There is nothing much that I want to suggest before you start to bake the appetizers. The recipe couldn’t have been more simple. Place some wonton sheets in the cup cake tray, fill them with your favorite pizza toppings + cheese, pop them in the oven, and voila!  These adorable little pizza cups are yours to enjoy.

My drawing of Crispy Pizza Wonton Cups along with picture. 🙂

Crispy Pizza Wonton Cups

1.  I have used ready to use wonton sheets. Wonton sheets can be found in the refrigerated section of your local grocery.  They’re easy to work with and they crisp up almost like a chip on the outside and have a chewier texture in the middle.

2. Using a cup cake tray will give you perfect size individually portioned bakes. Which look brilliant when served. You are free to use the size of the tray you have at home. Just cut your wonton sheet accordingly. I divided mine in four squares and layer two squares in each cup cake tray cavity.

Crispy Pizza Wonton Cups

3.  Pizza sauce can be made fresh or using a store-bought one will do equal justice to the recipe.

4. Vegetables of your choice can be used to fill in the cups along with some pizza sauce. Just make sure that you don’t over fill the cups.

5.  There are lots of flavorful cheese you can use to create your favorite  pizza wonton cups for eg-  A mix of cheddar and mozzarella gives the ideal combination of texture and flavour. Or try out some thing new in your kitchen today.

Crispy Pizza Wonton Cups

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  1. Sapana

    This is quite innovative! Kids will surely like this. Good for starters in party. In case you make wonton sheets at home then please do share some tips. I make them at home for kids but i cant make them thin n soft.

  2. Kishor Kr

    Looks super-delicious. Thanks for sharing

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