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Fondant recipe

Fondant recipe

Fondant Recipe
Yes! Finally the Fondant Recipe is on my blog, I really wanted to make Fondant at home. Super duper excited to share the recipe today. Its smooth, It holds the shape and is pretty white in color. Call it sugar paste or gum paste – Fondant making is no more a scare. Go ahead make it; I am coming with you in your kitchen and together we make it happen.

Fondant recipe

Cakes are loved; I know that – A good-looking cake will always capture your eye. Plan a surprise for the one you love at home. Any cake can get a makeover with this homemade fondant. All tried and tested – I made it, colored it and then rolled to check if this Fondant can cover a home baked cake evenly and neatly or not. The answer is yes !

Fondant recipe

I rolled out the blue fondant and covered a cake. Pink polka dots are the idea given to me by my daughter. She said mom its easy and will look so pretty.

Here is the process in a visual sequence

Sprinkle the gelatin over the water

Fondant recipe

 Pouring in the the glucose syrup

Fondant recipe

Gelatin mixture into the icing sugar

Fondant recipe

Kneading to get the dough together

Fondant recipe

More Kneading the fondant

Fondant recipe

 When prepared cover with the plastic

Fondant recipe

Ready to get colored – The homemade fondant

Fondant recipe

Fondant colored and individually wrapped with plastic

Fondant recipe

 Colored   fondant

Fondant recipe

Must read points before you start to make fondant at home:
1. Keep all the ingredients ready, before you start. You will need clean kitchen surface to knead the fondant; so keep that in mind and clear the slab.
2. Substitutes are a little difficult to find in this recipe. Please try to find the ingredients at your local store or you can buy on-line.
3. But few things like vegetable shortening; if you don’t find it you are free to use the butter. Only effect it will have is on the color.
4. Same to the clear vanilla extract; If you find too good. If not you can use your regular vanilla extract. Only effect it will have is on the color.
5. While kneading your fondant, grease your hands and the kitchen counter with vegetable shortening to prevent the sticking. It normally takes 5 to 8 minutes of kneading to get the elastic fondant ball. So keep it going.
6. If the mix is tearing easily or you feel it’s too dry you can add few drops of water. Or if you feel that the dough is too wet add more icing sugar and knead. But at the same time if your dough is formed avoid using either of these , just knead with your greased hands. You will get it right. The consistency we will be looking for is of play dough.
7. While rolling the fondant to cover the cake sprinkle some corn starch on your counter and dust your rolling-pin as well. This will prevent the sticking and you will be able to roll thin neat layer to cover the cake. Use a clean pastry brush to rub off the excess cornstarch.
8. Make sure that the spread sheet of the fondant over the cake doesn’t have any finger nail marks.
9. If you are not using the fondant immediately, you can store this at room temperature for about a month. In the fridge for almost 3 months. And whenever you want to use the fondant, keep it at room temperature for 3 to 4 hours and then knead again with greased hands and you are good to go.
10. I think there is nothing more to say. Just make the fondant at home and enjoy the experience to create your own designs on the cakes.


Fondant recipe



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