Food Review – China bistro, Worli

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January 2, 2016
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January 8, 2016
Food Review - China bistro, Worli

Green apple and basil Martini

The Terracotta warriors won the gastronomic battle at China bistro. My visit to China bistro (Worli) was an invite from FBAI ( food blogger association of India). The 12 of us experienced the culinary journey of ancient China sitting on long table in a special well-lit room. Mr. Nikhil,our host, gave us a little peek into the culinary history of the King Qin Shi Huang, (the first Emperor of China) and his Terracotta Warriors.

Atmosphere wise, it was not overly flashy and had an energetic bustling ambience. But I must say that the restaurant was definitely busy for a Monday night. I could see all the tables full but at the same time the food service continued smoothly throughout. Seeing the splendid display of colorful flavorsome  food and drinks that kept coming on the table, I could imagine the inner working of various stations in the kitchen. All the seriousness and the passion that goes into the smooth working of a high quality restaurant was visible.  For me it ticks all the  right boxes in ambience and service.

Food Review - China bistro, Worli


By the time I arrived (was little late) the kimchi was already on the table and the drinks were everywhere with prominent excitement. The fruity, colorful accessorized cold glasses became a hot topic. Elegant looking Bellini was a crowd favourite. Watermelon and basil Mojito, raspberry Mojito, Green apple and basil Martini and Cucumber Wasabi Mojito were amongst other cocktails. Specially the Cucumber Wasabi Mojito became sheer joy. It suddenly became a universal love for all the foodies on the table.

Food Review - China bistro, Worli

Som Tam Salad

Food began coming and we were still clicking and discussing the drinks. The service started with refreshing Som Tam Salad which had a right essence of Thai cuisine. It was an absolutely pungent sour, sweet and spicy blend of flavors.

Food Review - China bistro, Worli

Vegetable Basil Dumplings

The authentic Chinese steamed Bao buns were next on the table, vegetarian and Non vegetarian options were served. The Vegetarian barbecued pickled Bao were soft and fluffy but were a little less in the filling. However, th meat filled buns looked full in the filling. Being a vegetarian it made me envious, hahaha. Next were the pillowy Dumplings, (Vegetable Basil Dumplings and Chicken Basil Dumplings) wrapped in a very thin translucent cover, accurately steamed and rich in the flavor. Everything was in perfect sync and in balance.

Food Review - China bistro, Worli

Korean barbecued Chicken

Crispy Lotus Stem with Black Pepper and Curry Leaves won another authenticity badge from all the bloggers on the table. The flavors  packed a powerful punch yet maintained a balance. Among the Non vegetarian starters , the Korean barbecued Chicken and Fire Roasted Mandarian Chicken looked very interesting.

Food Review - China bistro, Worli

Crispy Lotus Stem with Black Pepper and Curry Leaves


Food Review - China bistro, Worli

Mango Mustard Sea Bass

Mango Mustard Sea Bass next became the center piece and artfully added a unique touch. I just loved the way it was served. The complement goes to the chef in the kitchen.  Pan Grilled Tofu with Black Pepper and Pak Choy was another elegant serve. The creamy tenderness of the tofu went so well with the powerful savoury earthiness of the sauce.

Food Review - China bistro, Worli

Khao Suey soup

Next was the Khao Suey soup, and I have this undisguised love for this  coconut milk dish. It was a delightful mix of well balanced flavors with a lovely array of toppings which made it a customised delight. The coconut broth was pleasantly presented. I totally recommend Khao Suey at China bistro if you are a one bowl meal person, it’s a ymm complete meal.

Food Review - China bistro, Worli

Screwed up Noodles in Pixian Bean Sauce


Food Review - China bistro, Worli

Lemongrass Fried rice

We were all full but still the fantastic main course was to flow in. It started with Stir Fry Asian greens with White garlic, Vegetable in Mahlak sauce and then my favourite -Green curry with Jasmine Rice -so much simplicity in the flavor. The Lemongrass Fried rice and screwed up noodles in pixian bean sauce were novel and delicious too. We were not able to do justice to each and every dish in front of us because the appetizers had been really spot on and we throughly enjoyed indulging. No more space left in the tummies. 🙁

Food Review - China bistro, Worli

Green curry with Jasmine Rice

I was looking forward to the dessert side of the menu because it said Caramel Sponge Cake with Toffee Sauce, (absolutely ooze deliciousness) and another interesting Thai Guava Ice cream was an inviting name.

Food Review - China bistro, Worli

Caramel Sponge Cake with Toffee Sauce

With our appetites thoroughly satiated, we continued sampling the dishes to the point of gluttony. The conversation was full of food analyses, dish deconstruction, and all about plating styles. Funny how good food can jog up your brain so much.

As a foodie, I would rate China Bistro very high especially on the quality and plating marks. Good food enjoyed with dear friends always turns ordinary evenings into memories.




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