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Guava Ice Cream with Pink Salt and Chilly Flakes

This is an incredibly delicious Ice cream made at home. Unlike regular ice creams, Guava Ice cream is little quirky with a hint of chilly and pink salt. If you have ever tried Guava with a sprinkle of salt and chilly, you are probably close to knowing the flavour, of this ice cream. It’s a classic combo. 

Guava Ice Cream with Pink Salt and Chilly Flakes

Guava has an intense tropical fragrance and taste. The seed part of the guava is most disliked, and for this ice cream, we totally discard that portion. We play with the most liked and loved features of the fruit guava. 


This recipe today does not require and churning machine. It is the easiest recipe you can ever think of. Turns out really yum. 

Guava Ice Cream with Pink Salt and Chilly Flakes

Ossoro Pink Guava Ossoro Pink Guava, 30 mlflavour helped me win once again. Few drops into my prepared mix and the ice cream was taken to another level. Something you would taste at a fine dine gourmet restaurant. It’s that different and interesting.

Guava Ice Cream with Pink Salt and Chilly Flakes

Few instructions, I would like to share, before you go ahead to make this ice cream. 

I choose to go with a milder chilly flavour, you can increase or decrease according to your like. But pink salt By Nature Himalayan Pink Salt, 400g plays a very important role in this recipe. Don’t use regular table salt …. Please 


Ask for that spice salt mix that guava vendors mostly sprinkle on the top of the sliced guava. 

Guava Ice Cream with Pink Salt and Chilly Flakes

If you can find pink guava, use those. They are referred to as dessert guavas, pink with a hint of red tone, fleshed guavas are sweeter and are intensely fragrant fruit.

If you can’t find one, Ossoro Pink Guava flavour will take care of all. 

Use ripped (but not over ripped ) bruise free guava. Better the fruit, better the ice cream will taste.

Guava Ice Cream with Pink Salt and Chilly Flakes

Cream – The cream I have used today, is sweetened. So there is no sugar mentioned in the ingredient list below. 

The cream brand is – Tropolite, which is a non-dairy whipping cream. It is available at Aarif if you are in Mumbai. If you are not … you will have to look for heavy cream in your area. Some heavy creams do need sugar for whipping. So you add sugar accordingly.

Amul will not work. 

If you have some local dairy near you, look there. You should be looking for something that can be whipped up, till stiff peaks, and have a high-fat content. Somewhere close to 35% to 38% of fat.

You will need an electric hand-held beater with the whisk attachment to whip up the cream fully. Or use your arm muscle power. I prefer a machine. Bajaj HM 01 250-Watt Hand Mixer (Black)

Guava Ice Cream with Pink Salt and Chilly Flakes



2 cups of chopped seed free ripped guavas 

1 cups of heavy whipping cream

3/4th cup of condensed milk 

Nestle Milkmaid, 400g

1 teaspoon of Pink salt 

By Nature Himalayan Pink Salt, 400g

Chilly flakes to taste 

Keya Red Chilli Flakes, 40g

Few drops of Ossoro Pink guava flavour 
Ossoro Pink Guava, 30 ml


In the bowl of your stand mixer ( or a regular hand mixer can be used) attach the wire whisk and proceed to whip the heavy cream to nearly stiff creamy peaks. Start on slow speed and bring it to a higher speed for about 4-7 minutes. Take care not to harden it and create the sweet cream whipped butter from it.

In a mixer grinder puree, the guava pieces along with a tablespoon of condensed milk, and pink salt till you reach a smooth paste. Once done pass the puree through a muslin cloth, to get rid of tiny particles. 

Pour the mix into a big bowl and add rest of the condensed milk use a rubber spatula to mix well. Add in the whipped cream and mix again. Be gentle while mixing. Taste and adjust salt, if required. Add in few drops of Ossoro pink salt flavour and mix again. 

Scrape the prepared ice cream mix and pour into a freezer safe bowl. Close tightly to prevent any crystallization.

Should set in about 7-8 hrs. Or I prefer overnight chilling. 

Scoop and serve enjoy a yumlicious guava ice cream. 

Guava Ice Cream with Pink Salt and Chilly Flakes

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