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Homemade Cream Cheese

Homemade creamcheese

Homemade Cream Cheese is a recipe to keep and make again and again. It’s soft, smooth spreadable cheese which can be used in countless ways; in your everyday kitchen. Its quite an easy recipe which can be made with the very basic ingredients which are always at home.

Homemade creamcheese

It has happened many a times that I want to make a cheese cake or a dip orthat a bagel is waiting for the topping 🙁 but there is no cream cheese in the fridge. Having this recipe solves that problem forever. Now I can make fresh cream cheese at home any time and so can you. Let’s make, Let’s make.

Milk and Cream after the curdle in the muslin cloth

Homemade creamcheese

In the muslin cloth after blending

Homemade creamcheese

After the final shape given

Homemade creamcheese



Cream Cheese is a soft and mild fresh cheese with a high fat content. It has a very creamy texture and always remember : fresher the cheese better the flavor. But if you end with some left over cream cheese; you can cover and keep it in the fridge.

Its not a matured cheese; so you won’t be able to store it for more then a week. Try making another recipe with it or use it for breakfast. . Freezing the cream cheese is a big no no. There can be some drastic changes in the texture if kept in the  deep freezer. You will end up with some crumbly product of no use.

Keep the cream cheese at room temperature if you want to achieve a very smooth and creamy texture for any dessert. You can easily make yummy herb-ed cream cheese with the same recipe. Just cream it using an electric hand blender and add the flavor or herb.

One more thing to say- You can use full fat milk to achieve more creamier quality.

Homemade Cream Cheese



Homemade creamcheese

A few more creamy delights

Home made Mascarpone cheese

Home made Mascarpone cheese


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