KitchenAid probaker my experience

KitchenAid probaker my experience

Chocolate cake with Orange Marmalade

Going to an exam, that’s what it felt like.! After so many years I felt like a child again. I had butterflies in my tummy. I was excited, thrilled, & anxious. My first mystery box experience with KitchenAid was simply awesome. Baking on the spot in front of A JURY was in itself, a challenge too. I mean, these are people I adore, people I watch on TV., people I would love to learn from.

Jury and me

The first thank you note goes to KichenAid, for all that excitement and experience I had with them. Getting an apron with my name on it was a wonderful surprise, then a stand mixer was given to practice baking. The Stand mixer was the center piece in my kitchen for those few days. I had even named my stand mixer – (Basanti), hehe, because it was tangerine in color and had a great smooth speed. Now I miss you Basanti.

KitchenAid StandMixer
2 Bliss of Baking

All my co contestants were great too, everyone baked beautiful, and the kitchen was full of goodies and creativity. I am new to baking, and there is so much to learn. There was a kick, in the competition for me, (just like Salman Khan). There were people to help all the contestants to get familiar with the equipment. A special mention to Mr. Kuldeep Singh ( from Callebaut chocolates) for being so helpful – Thank you sir. Nitika Khanna, Kanika and Ms Kaur – Thanks. And thanks to all the staff at kitchenaid kitchen.

IMG_20150318_140756 IMG_20150318_140806 IMG_20150318_140951

Jury members Vicky Ratnani ( I am a big fan of Vicky goes veg and vickypedia ), Ajay Chopra ( I like him since the very first masterchef episode) Savio Fernandes ( I would love to learn from him) Pooja Dingra ( I adore her and of course her Macrons ) Sona Bahadur . Woopee I have my selfies with all you guys. Thanks


Selfie with Vicky ratnani

Now let’s talk experience, the mistakes to avoid, my gyaan- laugh it out and use if you want to.
1. Keep the recipe clear and simple, complexity will lead you somewhere all lost.
2. Decide your steps before you start, pen it down. It will help you move quickly from one component of the recipe to another.
3. Follow the rules; don’t be over smart.
4. Watch the time; over indulging in preparing something fancy is not a good idea.
5. Taste every component before you present your dish to the judges.
6. Cook with your whole heart and happiness.
7. Take the suggestions and tips positively.
8. Losing and winning does not count, learning and experience do count, never forget there will be many more competitions that you can participate so keep learning.
9. Smile when you meet the judges, don’t be quiet, and talk with your heart.
10. If you win there will be many photographs; you don’t have to worry. But if you lose do get some nice selfies with judges and your co contestants. JUST ENJOY !

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