Petit Fours ; French Patisserie

I like my cakes to look pretty, I want them to look stylish – they should look as good as they taste. These petit fours are a beautiful change to my everyday bake. Its French style food; Petit Fours means “Small Oven”. Actually a wide variety of sweet and savoury goodies can be made in small size. They will be called  Petit Fours.


Petit Fours ; French Patisserie

Petit Fours are very fancy and delicately layered bite sized cakes. They make for a good plate to set before guests. They are easy to serve and beautiful enough to entice another piece. There is a wonderful almond aroma in every bite. These are very different from all the other cakes you have ever made.


Petit Fours ; French Patisserie

The recipe has almond paste (marzipan). – it’s a combination of blanched almonds and sugar mixed with egg white or glucose. If you don’t find ready to use almond paste you can make your own. Dip the almonds overnight, take the peels off and pat them dry. Using a food processor, ground the almonds. Beat the egg white in the food processor then add in the sugar and ground almond. You can also use almond extracts to enhance the flavor. A spoonful of rose-water will add in a lot of depth to the flavor. The quantities are – 1 and 1/2 cup of almond flour + 1 and 1/2 cup of powder sugar + One egg white. Remember it has a pliable yet grainy texture with a sweet almond flavor.


The Cake is baked in a swiss roll baking tray – then cut into three equal parts. Please use a long scale to measure and have proper cuts. This will form the entire look later. There is very thin layer of raspberry preserve between the layers. You can use any jam or preserves at home. Apricot works wonderful with these flavors.

Then comes the icing part;  ufffff. The hardest part, actually it could have been easy if I were not on my experimental frame of mind. One way to dress your cakes is roll out some fondant and cover neatly. Stick some flowers and decors. The other way is to melt some fondant in the microwave and add some hot sugar-water into it and mix well. This will give you the fondant with a pouring consistency. It looks beautiful while working. If you wish to glaze  your petit fours, arrange the cut shapes on a cooling rack set over a rimmed baking sheet. Pour the warm glaze over and around the sides of each cake.  Any extra glaze can be scraped off the baking sheet, reheated, and re-applied.

Petit Fours ; French Patisserie

You can simply melt some chocolate and dip your petit fours into and then decorate it with what ever; of course edible. Now writing this I am getting another idea – you can pour some marshmallow fondant as icing over the petit fours. I think it will not only look great but will also taste great. If you have not read my Home made marshmallow recipe I am giving a link here. Marshmallows.

Petit Fours ; French Patisserie


Petit Fours ; French Patisserie






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  1. 2blissofbaking

    Hi Joan,

    Thanks for writing in. The marzipan is a combination of blanched almonds and sugar mixed with egg white. Which is easily available in the market, and can be made at home too. The recipe requires a marzipan (the first time powdered sugar used in the recipe is to make marzipan at home). Marzipan is a sweet almond paste and can be consumed just like that, and is very delicious too.
    The second sugar mentioned in the recipe is for the cake, to which we are adding many more ingredients like flour, eggs etc. So the only sugar present in the marzipan can’t help the petit fours, we need some more amount.
    I hope, this clears your confusion. #happybaking

  2. Joan

    I see the sugar (100g) is mentioned twice- first time , mixed in with almond paste, second time, mixed with flour.
    Which is correct?

  3. 2blissofbaking

    Thank you so much Dorothy ???? glad you liked

  4. Dorothy Pinto

    It was lovely. Will give it a try for sure. Thanx

  5. 2blissofbaking

    Hi Ally,

    Why dont you upload onto your instagram account ? I usually do that quite a bit


  6. Ally

    I actually made some last week…wish I could post the pix somehow.

  7. 2blissofbaking

    You can make an eggless pound cake and give it the same dressup.

  8. 2blissofbaking

    You can make an eggless pound cake and give it the same dressup.

  9. Anonymous

    can v make it eggless

  10. manisha

    What should we use instead of eggs?

  11. 2blissofbaking

    You can make an eggless pound cake and give it the same dressup.

  12. 2blissofbaking

    Thanks Minal.

  13. vinitamsingh09

    Hi.. I think I’ll make this. Tx a lo????????

  14. avani

    Nice recipe , what to use instead of egg ?

  15. minal sharma

    Cake looks so yummy I will definitely give it a try

  16. Sona S

    The cakes look so pretty and cute. Lovely pics.

  17. Mina Joshi

    I love your pictures. I am not much into baking as I find it to complicated but your recipe is easy to follow so I may give this a try.

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