Ten steps to get a good croissant

Ten steps to get a good croissant


Croissant Day!

My aim was to get a croissant which is buttery and flaky, but still has the melt in the mouth centre, and gives a “custardy feeling “.


Studying Anna Olson techniques, Chef Ramsay methods, reading “classic croissant by Jeffrey Hamelman” ; these were my inspiration.

We need plenty of time, patience and, of course, butter to make it incredible.

So with all my knowledge of croissant; here are some tips –

  1. First of all, it is very important to measure the ingredients correctly.
  2. Don’t over-knead; too much gluten will give a bread like feeling.
  3. It is best to make them on a cold day, that helps the butter stay in layers, and we can work better.
  4. Too much of fumbling and squeezing the dough triangles will damage the light and beautiful layers.
  5. A crucial thing is, neatness while adding the rolled out butter; if the butter does not fit neatly right to the edge of the dough, it will end up with no butter in those parts of croissant.
  6. It is very important to keep everything cool, as we work.
  7. The method of folding is composed of two double turns and one single turn.
  8. Treat the dough like a new born baby; very gently, with so much care.
  9. Too long handling and too short relaxing time in between, will make the dough very difficult to work with.
  10. Do brush of the excess flour while folding the layers…

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