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Very Crisp Puff Pastry with Yam filling

Yes, I would like to call it very crisp, Puff Pastry. because they have thin, delicate, buttery layers.

And I choose Yam filling, but you can play around with the stuffing according to the your choice of ingredients and taste.

Puff Pastry

These college canteen favorites took me back to nostalgic college days ,

Relive the memories ( filled with laughter, joy and friends in the canteen,and those fights for last bites).


Puff pastry has a reputation ( difficult to master ),

Making a puff pastry from scratch, is time consuming process as it requires over night refrigeration.

So I tried these vegetarian puff with store bought frozen puff pastry sheets,

which gave me a ease, and I got thin crispy layers,which were as tender as a traditional pastry.

The ultimate achievement was, distributing the butter evenly in the sheets through out the dough.



Yam(suran , jimikand) stuffing gives it a unique and interesting texture.

Yam does not look very appetizing but is highly nutritious vegetable,and can be used to make many tasty dishes.

Choose the yam that are firm and do not have any cracks, bruises or soft spots.

While peeling never forget to oil your hands, or it will give a itch on the hands.

Peel the bark looking skin and use lot of clean water, thoroughly wash before use.



I served these Puffs with my home made curd dip, which adds on the flavor.

This dip is very easy to make and turns out very handy with many dishes.

Make it and keep it in the fridge.

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