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Caramel Candy


Caramel Candy

Candy –  Caramel candy; which will just roll in your mouth, and will melt like a soothing pleasure. This homemade Caramel candy is soft and chewy with a wonderfully smooth and creamy texture. When I had a small nibble on my caramel candy, my first reaction was a smooth nod, with eyes closed — wow that is fantastic.

Caramel Candy


Caramel and You – There is always been a sweet relationship with caramel  which starts when we are kids  and then the Caramel Candy is loved and liked forever – pop a candy in your mouth and close your eyes – relive your childhood ! Let’s make candy at home and experience the joy; to achieve a perfect home-made caramel candy in your own kitchen. You are going to love that.

Caramel Candy

Home made caramel candy is beautiful brown in color -sweet, sticky, and buttery with a hint of salt. Making it at home gives us the freedom to use the caramel in many ways- Dip an apple slice into the hot caramel, pour the caramel over your ice cream or  drizzle it on a dark chocolate piece or even dip some dry fruits into the hot caramel – You can give a very pretty gift box of  home-made caramel candies to someone special. I mean the possibilities are endless. I dipped some walnuts into my caramel sauce, and they were fantastic.

Caramel Candy

Making your own caramel candy at home is easy; just go through all the instructions given below.

One important note; before I start with the instructions: When I was pouring my caramel out into the tray, it was looking super silky and there was a temptation to test the flavor-  I touched my little finger on the very side, and got burnt. I knew it was hot and it was delicious. So don’t try such a thing. And don’t get tempted.

Few, actually many things, to read carefully before starting to make caramel candy at home

1.  Have all your equipment and ingredients ready before you start. You will be performing a very important task in your kitchen, so forget attending to a  doorbell or the phone ring.

2. There are two ways to check on the doneness of the candy – One is a good eye( which is usually after a lot of experience in candy making ) and the Second way is via a thermometer.  So you’ll need a candy thermometer.

3.  A large deep heavy bottomed sauce pan is necessary because the syrup will bubble up while boiling and you will not be able to transfer to another pan at that moment. So don’t start in a small sauce pan.

4. To prevent the crystallization (the caramel with a grainy texture); make sure to stir the ingredients only before it reaches the boiling point. Never stir the syrup when it is boiling. You can brush down the sides of the pan, with a slightly wet heatproof pastry brush, to remove any sugar crystals, if any.

5. This recipe will make fairly firm and chewy caramel. However, if you want softer toffee caramel like add 1/4 cup of cream more to the recipe.

Caramel Candy

6. Remove the caramel from the heat when it reaches 250* F. For a slightly darker shade and firmer caramel you can take the temperature till 255*F.

7. Set the caramel somewhere far from your reach because I know you will be tempted to touch and see again and again. Let it sit untouched at least for 3 to 4 hours, Or  overnight would be great.

8. If you have a dislike for corn syrup – golden syrup or rice syrup can also work in this recipe.

9. Use a pizza cutter for cutting the caramel slab.

10. This is a super sticky job  so when you cut your candy slab into small pieces, place a parchment paper under. Don’t cut over the foil paper. It will be a super crazy job to remove the foil from every cut piece. And you will lose the shape removing that.

11. It will be best to cut your candies into small pieces in a cold room. Don’t try it in the kitchen because the heat will make the candies go soft and will be difficult to work with.

12. You can make a big batch of these yummy caramel candies  because they can last for quite a long time. Make sure you wrap the candies in individual wraps and store them in an air tight container in the fridge.

I hope I am not missing any point now but, still, if you have any inquires, feel free to ask me. Just leave a massage, I will be happy to answer. However if you are looking for a quick caramel sauce recipe, I am attaching a link here. The sauce is called Dulce de lache and is super yummy. 

Caramel Candy


Caramel Candy

Tips to clean:

1. You can clean your sauce pan, spatula and the baking pan easily. Don’t worry; In your kitchen sink, keep these dipped in water for some time. The sugar will wash off itself without any fuss.

2. When you want to clean your thermometer, make sure you only wash the lower portion, which was dipped in the caramel. After you have checked the hot caramel temperature, never dip your thermometer into cold water immediately. Let it sit for few minutes, then wash.

Caramel Candy





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  1. 2blissofbaking

    Thanks for your comment. Any brand heavy cream ( like Amul) can be used. You could try the recipe with maple syrup but I would recommend doing a test batch as measurements/amounts would vary.

  2. Ashima Duggal

    Excellent recipe just wanted to know what is an alternate for corn syrup & which brand of heavy cream? Thanks

  3. 2blissofbaking

    Hi Suchita,
    Glucose syrup should work but amount might change.

  4. Su

    Can v use glucose instead of corn syrup ?

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    O wow too tempting n really very well explained

  6. 2blissofbaking

    Hi Ekta
    You can add the nuts after you pour the hot candy mix into the baking pan, let the nuts sit over untouched 🙂

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    Hii bhabi I plan to make this with nuts when do u put d nuts

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    Thank you so much Sonal

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