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Healthy Brownies

Healthy brownies 

The best healthy brownies with no flour, no refined white sugar, no butter, and no eggs. Isn’t that awesome, and the best part is they turned out yumm!

Healthy Brownies

Platter share has started Belly Nirvana – Where they are promoting healthy organic food products and I was very excited to be a part of this endeavour. The products I received were
1. Organic coconut sugar – It is unrefined, vegan, organic and made of pure coconut flower blossom nectar.
2. Raw Chia seeds – Vegan and rich in omega-3, dietary fiber, protein, Anti- oxidants.
Today I would like to share my experience of using coconut sugar in my baking.

I found coconut sugar to be a very interesting ingredient, it’s less sweet then the sugar we regularly use but more flavorsome. It has a deeper flavor – something similar to brown sugar with hints of caramel.
Coconut sugar is a healthier alternative to refined white sugar because it has a comparatively low-GI, fewer carbohydrates, and more minerals.
Coconut sugar is made in a natural 2-step process:

1. A cut is made on the flower of the coconut palm and the liquid sap is collected into containers.
2. The sap is placed on heat until most of the water has evaporated.
The final product is coconut sugar, which looks something like this:


Healthy Brownies

Some do claim that it’s a good sugar substitute for people with diabetes. It has a high mineral content compared to other sugars and is a rich source of potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron, as well as several of the B vitamins 9.
Note– I am not a doctor, don’t consume ridiculous amount of it to satisfy your need for the above nutrients.

How to Use : 

Use coconut sugar 1:1 in any way you would regular sugar, including in tea or coffee or baking and cooking.

I came up with this brownie recipe where I am using almond flour instead of all-purpose flour, coconut sugar instead of white sugar, olive oil instead of butter and a little bit of hung yogurt and so omitted the eggs completely.

Healthy Brownies

Few points to read before you start making Healthy Brownies:
1. Almond flour can be made at home or you can buy it from the market. I would like to share – That almond flour and almond meal are bit different – Almond meal is generally a coarser grind made from almonds that have their skins, so you’ll see flecks of the skin in the meal. Almond flour is ground more finely and usually made from blanched almonds (no skins).
In this recipe we are using almond flour, because it gives the right texture to the brownies.

2. It is very important that you use thick yogurt, do not use watery yogurt. Either you buy Greek yogurt or hang your homemade yogurt in a muslin cloth till it thickens.
3. You can opt for coconut oil also instead of olive oil.

4. Last point -Please measure the ingredients accurately and preheat the oven and don’t over bake the brownies.

Healthy Brownies
Healthy Brownies




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