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Pound Cake – Egg less Recipe

Pound Cake – Egg less Recipe

Pound cake is wonderfully rich, moist, tender and buttery. It has a lovely even color golden brown crust. I rank pound cake way high, higher than many more complicated elegant looking cakes. You will not need to fancy your cake before you serve it. It’s complete and its beautiful just the way it is.

Pound Cake - Egg less Recipe

Last week my post on pound cake for beginners was appreciated – the recipe was simple and easy but I could read many comments saying they need egg less pound cake recipe. So here we are with this fab recipe of Egg less Pound cake –  you will be surprised how quickly and easily this cake comes together.

Pound Cake - Egg less Recipe

This wonderful pound cake recipe is as good as a classic pound cake recipe and has no eggs. So I happily share the recipe below. But please do read few important points before you begin to bake:

1.  You can use a Round tin or Bundt pan or even loaf pan to bake the cake; but remember the time of baking will vary according to the depth of the baking tin. I had made this Cranberry pound cake in loaf tin, as the tin was not very deep, it took less time in the oven . So please use your judgment.

2.  Add the flavors of your choice – few ideas for flavors can be – orange rind, lemon rind, almonds, raisins, figs, candied fruits, dried cherries etc. How can I forget chocolate… So go by choice or whatever is available in the kitchen closet.

Pound Cake - Egg less Recipe

3. Make sure that the ingredients are at room temperature and measured accurately.

4. See the easy pond cake recipe for beginners – just click on the link

5. If you are new to the baking world go through the link here – How I get my chocolate cake most moist.   You might not need all the tips and techniques I shared in the post. But it will definitely be of help when making cakes at home.

Pound Cake - Egg less Recipe
Pound Cake - Egg less Recipe



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  1. 2blissofbaking

    Consistency of the pound cake batter is mostly thick in comparison to other cakes. I am glad you added milk to your satisfaction and baked the cake. Thanks for writing in, AND Happy Baking

  2. munna

    I tried this cake but the batter was really thck…more like a dough….i followed the measurements and instructions well? so what u think went wrong? I added more milk and adjusted

  3. 2blissofbaking

    The batter is thick Archana, but not very thick. if you feel its too thick in comparison to cake batter , you can add a spoonful of yogurt.

  4. Archana

    Hello … is the batter supposed to be thick … i mad early it today and it came out really thick

  5. 2blissofbaking

    Ohhh, cherry – I am feeling so sad about that. One thing to check would be the measurements,
    Shifting of the flour,
    Using a rubber spatula to fold the dry ingredients.
    Or may be the oven temperature.
    Adding a spoon or so of milk should not harm the texture.
    Don’t get discouraged, try another small bake, may be with half a recipe . It should work well.

  6. cherry

    I made the cake as per the instructions but the batter was more like a it supposed to be like that? I ended up adding a little more milk, and that probable affected the final texture of the cake. it didnt look like this gorgeous cake at all.

  7. 2blissofbaking

    Thank you so much Anshu 🙂 glad you liked

  8. Anshu Pande

    In love with the Nordic Cake pan <3

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