You are currently viewing How to make bread – beginners recipe

How to make bread – beginners recipe

How to make bread – beginners recipe

Bread baking at home is immensely pleasurable! The joy of fresh warm bread from the oven is a must have experience if you love to cook or bake. It’s an easy task, even if you are a newbie in the kitchen area, all you require is desire.

How to make bread – beginners recipe

My bread baking love started at home. Initially it was more like a sweet gesture that I loved doing for my husband because he is a bread lover. Now I am in my comfort zone of bread baking at home. Note, it might take you a couple of tries before you proudly announce yourself as a bread baker.

How to make bread – beginners recipe

This recipe is the easiest way to start with regular white sandwich bread. Once you experiment couple of times with this recipe, I will surly share healthier version mixing certain grains etc.

🙂 I already have a couple of recipes for you

How to make bread – beginners recipe


I am very particular about the creamy-white interior, golden crust, and soft, easily slice-able bread when baked at home. Make a sandwich, or toast it for breakfast or may be French toast next day – this will taste incredible either ways. I will tell you all the easy ways, some tips and tricks to bake a perfect and simple white bread.

How to make bread – beginners recipe

Bread baking will need kneading, resting, proving, baking and a bit of patience. If you make dough at home for everyday roti (Indian flat bread) you have won half the battle. I assure you that you will not need any fancy equipment to make this beautiful bread at home.

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Some more points to go through before you start:

  1. I get my gluten powder from Aarif Crawford market. (You can also try buying online) But he will not give you a smaller packet, only availability is of 1 kg packet. You can pour half of the powder in container, label it and keep in the freezer. This will stay for a year or even more.

The reason – we need to add extra gluten to the flour is that Indian flour (maida) has less gluten.

  1. Never add all the liquid (milk or water) in the flour at one go. Because every flour has different absorbency level. Go by your judgement and see if you require more or less liquid. The dough will initially look like a shaggy, lumpy mess and will gradually smooth out as you knead. When finished it should be completely smooth and elastic slightly tacky to touch.
  1. Knowing when to stop kneading is also an important thing- When we knead, we strengthen the gluten (stringy bands of protein that give structure and texture to the bread). As we work the strands of gluten tightens more and we get smooth finish.

4. You will know that the dough does not require any more kneading when it holds the shape. See for these                      things – If you give a poke with your finger to the dough, the indentation fills back quickly. If it stays like a deep            dimple in the dough ball, you will need to knead more.

  1. When you stretch a small piece of dough between your fingers the dough will stretch into a paper thin film, if the dough quickly breaks you will need to knead more.
  2. The kneaded dough will need some undisturbed time to rise. Cover the dough with a tea towel and let it rise in warm place. This should take 1 hour, but if your kitchen is cold it might take 3 hours. So you will need patience.
  3. You can very well hand-knead the dough, but it’s easy to add too much flour during this process. Avoid adding in more flour because this will result in a somewhat tougher loaf.



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