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Eggless Brownies

Eggless Brownies

Everyone needs a super simple gooey chocolate brownie recipe up their sleeve, so they don’t have to search YouTube on special days. We need a keeper recipe that will not differ in yumminess, that we can depend on 100% and we get comfortable baking at home. I get many requests for eggless bakes, so here I have a luscious, very delicious, rich, fudgy, exceptionally chocolaty, eggless brownie recipe that you can hinge on to endlessly. 

Eggless Brownies

I have already shared the recipe video on my Instagram page and here is the written recipe with the video, so you get a quick better understanding of the making process. 

You can dress up these brownies with nuts or chopped chunks of chocolate, but I will vouch for it standing alone in its glory, simply drizzled with some melted chocolate. One reckoning change would be serving these brownies warm with vanilla ice cream. 

Eggless Brownies

The recipe is very simple to follow and you will not find any hurdles in getting great results. 

I have used apple sauce as a substitute for the egg, which adds to the texture, supporting the gooey behavior of the brownies. 

More substitutes for baking without eggs – Vegan Baking Substitutes – Eggs

How to make apple sauce at home?

If you are using apple sauce instantly (Like, when making these brownies) you can simply grate some apples, using the finer/smaller side of your box grater. And add that to the recipe. 

If you want make apple sauce and keep it the fridge for later use. 

Peel, core, and slice apples into small chunks. Transfer to a large saucepan or pot.

Add in water, lemon juice, and cinnamon stick. Bring to a boil over high heat and then reduce the heat to low.

Puree using a blender, food processor, or immersion blender for a smoother apple sauce 

How to melt chocolate and butter ?

Microwave at 70% power for less than 1 minute. Remove from the microwave and give it a stir. Continue to microwave in 30-second increments, stirring frequently, until the chocolate has fully melted. Place a saucepan on the stove and add 1-2 inches of water to the pan.

On double boiler – Make sure that the bowl you are using should fit over the pan of water so that the outer edge of the bowl touches the upper edges of the saucepan (to create a “seal” that will trap steam within the saucepan). Make sure the water in the pan isn’t touching the bottom of the bowl containing chocolate.

Keep the flame on medium-low. As the water begins to simmer and release steam, the steam will heat the chocolate and the chocolate will begin to melt. As the chocolate melts keep stirring with a rubber spatula until all of the chocolate has melted.

Eggless Brownies

A few essential baking norms that you must follow. Accurately measuring all the ingredients, preheating the oven, lining the baking tin with parchment paper letting the bake cool down on a wire rack. Don’t jump these basic doings, for a good end result. Every little action in the baking world has its own reasons and one must not ignore them if looking for quality bakes at home. 

Eggless Brownies

Eggless Brownies

 I get many requests for eggless bakes, so here I have a luscious, very delicious, rich, fudgy, exceptionally chocolaty, eggless brownie recipe that you can hinge on to endlessly. 
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Course: chocolate desserts, Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: chocolate recipe, classic brownies, easy baking, eggless, eggless baking ,, eggless brownies, Food Photography, Food Styling, gooey brownies
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Servings: 12 people
Calories: 466kcal


  • OTG
  • Mixing bowls
  • Microwave



  • In a bowl, whisk together apple sauce and sugar. Set aside
  • In another bowl combine all dry ingredients flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt (if using unsalted butter, add 1/8th tsp of salt), cocoa powder. Whisk them well and, set them aside.
  • In a bowl add chopped chocolate along with butter. Melt them together in a microwave or on a double boiler. (method mentioned above).
  • Combine all three, apple sauce sugar, dry ingredients, and melted chocolate buter. Use a rubber spatula for folding all three together.
  • Transfer the batter into an 8inch square baking pan, lined with parchment paper. Bake in a pre-heated (at least for 10 -12. minutes) oven for 25 minutes.
  • Once done, let the brownies cool on a wire rack, serve warm with chocolate drizzle and vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!



Serving: 100GM | Calories: 466kcal
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    Crumbly texture can be a result of over baking. But if you found it difficult to cut clean slices of the baked brownie, that is completely ok. The trick is to keep them in the fridge for some time before slicing them.

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    Hi.i tried your eggless brownie was superb but mine is becoming too crumbling.can you please help how do I reduce so much crumbling..or it is supposed to be this way only


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