Lentils and Pulses Interesting Recipe Ideas

Lentils and Pulses Interesting Recipe Ideas

Lentils and Pulses Interesting Recipe Ideas for kids at home during #quarentine, so they start to like healthy meals at home. Manipulating dals.

My kids loved these and these were made with dal. Such a satisfactory joy reflects in the sentence here. You must have felt that unseen tug of war between kids and yourself if you are a mom. That constant conflict regarding outside food and home-cooked healthy meals goes on forever. Every house has negotiations at the dinner table, but of a different level. And these days are exceptionally difficult, lockdown in the whole country due to COVID19 has given us a new perspective to life. A vision of a clean sky and a life that is lived minimalistic ways. Back to staples, lentils and pulses, it is not that bad though. 

You can do so much using superfoods we retain in our country. Dal is one of our most valuable possession, we can create amazing recipes at home. If we dig deep in our culinary past, we will have countless recipes of dals. There are numerous ways to make them and we can never ever get bored. 

But the question is not me or you, it’s our kids, who have hindered their connection with our Indian food due to overexposed western food-culture.

Making kids understand your perspective is out of the question (if you are a parent you will understand the depth and the honesty in these words) So for peace at home, we have to understand their perspective, their preferences and their tastebuds and cook accordingly. 

My kids are not that fussy when it comes to everyday food and I deserve an equal amount of appreciation for such habits and conducts at home. There are a few secrets I possess and retain them in my kitchen. It is very important that children enjoy whatever they are eating. The food should nourish them and that can happen only if they like the food what is served to them. I won’t be guessing what your child likes and dislikes, but I am considering an overall etiquette that is preferred by young today. 

I often prefer to add their favourite flavours and sauces to healthy everyday food. It is like a mutual ground, where I turn rice into Mexican rice. I serve homemade yoghurt dip instead of mayo with oven-roasted snacks. I add Maggi masala to the baji sometimes. Schewzen sauce, homemade pesto, chipotle sauce, homemade tomato/pineapple salsa, these all work as tasteful, dignified saviours for me.


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Today in this article, I will share how you can incorporate flavours to regular baji, dal etc at home so kids like them. 

The picture is of tacos, actually, dal ki roti made using leftover dal. It has roasted cauliflower, a yoghurt dip with some salad inside. And my kids loved it. There is dal, Dahi, gobi ka baji and salad in this meal. I just served it differently. 

Here are a few ideas for you and I hope you like them. 

Leftover Dals – knead them into a dough and use the dal ka atta to make roti. 

This is how I do – whole wheat flour, dal, salt to taste, chopped onion and crushed dry coriander seeds and fresh coriander. Knead it into a soft dough. Don’t add water, just use dal to knead the dough. And make thin Rotis using it. 

You can call them thepla, but let’s think innovative ways to serve it. Change it into tacos, enchilada, wrap or quesadillas. The important part is to add sauces and interesting vegetables.

Tandoori gobi warp/taco with fresh salad and yoghurt dip. Take gobi (cauliflower) and don’t cook it like regular gobi aloo. Make it tandoori, achari or roast it with garlic. 

For tandoori gobi – parboil gobi (cut into medium pieces) then marinate the pieces in tandoori masala yoghurt mix. Roast it in the oven or grill it. Try adding some amount of charredness to the roasted gobi. Add some lemon and sprinkle some chat-masala on the top. You can serve this hot yum gobi in a dal ki roti ka taco, Franky with yoghurt dip, mint chutney, mayo. 

Garlic roasted gobi is easy and quick though. Cut the cauliflower in thin florets and roast them with some minced garlic in a nonstick pan using little oil. Be careful not to burn them, as they will require some tossing and turning. And of course, add seasoning. This cauliflower turns out yum on bruschetta as well add some fresh greens and chopped raisins. 



Add herbed paneer, cheese, mayo, or chipotle. If you make it Mexican style add salsa. Dry Gobi Manchurian with garlic rice and make a yum burrito wrap using dal ka roti. Kids will love it. 

Roasted vegetable carrots, cauliflower, bell pepper with yoghurt dip Franky sounds yum too. 

Basically don’t make gobi aloo, but make an interesting version of cauliflower. Make schezwan gobi, and turn it into an interesting option. You can manipulate any vegetable by cooking them differently. 

Here is a very interesting recipe for – Baked Cauliflower Nuggets – click and you will have the recipe.


Take humble potatoes – oven roast them, marinate them, make dry dum aloo or aloo tikka roll. Potato cutlet wrap with mint chutney and imle chutney. Kung pao potato Franky is loved at my home. Potato fries with chilli cheese sauce wrapped in a dal ki roti. It’s absolutely yum. 

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Schezwan paneer, tandoori paneer, Aachari paneer, roll with mint mayo and salad. Think of serving sirka pyaaz  and paneer tikka roll for dinner. The base is not maida roti, it has to be dal ka roti. 

Mexican salsa and roasted veg in a wrap. Or add falafel, hara-bhara kababs and some salad, to a wrap or a roll.

Some garlic rice and beans into quesadilla along with cheese grill and serve hot. 

The ideas can be limitless. You have to add some sauces and serve it differently. 

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Lentil Broccoli Kababs with Tandoori Yogurt Mayo

Dals can be used for making cutlets like dal ki Paruppu vadai , Fritter made with lentils, use red beans to make burger sliders. You can use these fritters in sandwiches, rolls and wraps. Make sure to add a kick to the flavour with sauces, sriracha, schezwan, or interesting mayo dip, yoghurt dips. 

Lentils can be changed into interesting dips. Chickpea hummus has earned a great appreciation from our taste buds.



This picture above is a dip made with boiled chana dal, lots of fresh coriander, lemon and one minced clove of garlic. It was great on the toast in the morning. 

Curried dal dip is yum too. I have made Punjabi chole hummus so many times and it’s so good. 

Channa dal ki Tikki, masoor dal ke kababs, sprouted moong dal cutlets there are so many options. 

Click on the name of the recipe below, to know the how to make it at home. 

Lentil Broccoli Kababs with Tandoori Yogurt Mayo

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Quinoa Beet Kebabs

Red Rice Buddha Bowl

Quinoa Beet Kebabs


Quite honestly, I run away from deep frying. Though these are delicious when deep-fried, but most of the times I bend towards baking them, shallow frying them and I have also made cutlets in my waffle machine with just a brush of oil. 


Healthy Savoury Pancakes


Dal ka chilla or savoury pancakes can be manipulated into Tawa pizza. 

You grind soaked dal and chillies, ginger etc. then add some oats to it. Add required amount of water and let the batter sit for some time. 

On a nonstick pan add some oil and a ladle of prepared dal oats batter. Cover and cook on a medium flame for 1-2 minutes. Uncover and flip the pancakes once, spread some pizza sauce and sprinkle grated pizza cheese on the top. Cover again and cook till cheese is melted and enjoy hot mini pizzas at home. 

 Any types of dal or mix of dals can be used to make chilla at home, you just have to soak it overnight. You can also make the batter thin to make dal crapes at home. Stuff the crepes with mushroom, broccoli or some yum vegetable of your choice.  

Mini dal chilla can be used as bruschetta topped with interesting toppings and dips.

Here are 25 Ideas for Small Healthy Snacking – click and see how you can snack and feel good about it 

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Channa dal cheese pockets or calzone at home. Calzone is baked stuffed semi-circles of bread. pizza calzone is most preferred, but at home, I have made green pea stuffed calzone they turn out yum. 

Rawa moon dal fingers – soaked Moog dal, boiled potatoes, Dahi soaked Rawa, fresh coriander, spices and seasoning. Make a dough and fry in finger shape. 

Sheqzwan khichdi – give your regular dal chawal khichdi a twist with lots of vegetables and a tiny bit of schezwan sauce

Maggi masala works wonder with such simple recipes. Maggi masala khichdi is absolute yum too. 

Mexican rice with lots of red beans and corn are yum. 

Click on the name of the recipe below, to know the how to make it at home. 

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101 Sandwich Ideas

101 Sandwich Ideas

Channa dal cheese sandwich – cooked channa dal (cooked, slightly dry and slightly mushed). Mix it with herbs, garlic and cheese make a grilled sandwich stuffed with this mix. You can add chopped capsicum, onion to this. 

Sprout dal bhel is my favourite with lots of lemons.

Soups and salads are other good option to get your children to have dals too.

Hope these ideas are of help for you and you give them a try. Do let me know if you have more ideas to feed our kids good food. 


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